Bliss behind every trouble.

Everything happens to us in life, there would be a reason behind it.

You don’t need to act angrily, if you stuck in a heavy traffic. You need to think about further consequences positively, because the reason of being stuck in heavy traffic, it might get you away of something negative, it could happen to you. And other example, if you woke up too late, as a result you will be late to attend your job on time, also don’t be bothered, because if you reached on time, you might encounter something unacceptable from your boss, or getting involved with troubles with some customers if you work in retail business. In general, any negative consequences you may face in every organisation. I experienced that of course, i could say it here and no issues for me to mention it to my valued readers, so that they can take some of positive benefits from it. , and get healed from stress, or any negative thoughts it may come to our minds. So this discussion will help you throw your negatives too far away. I hope so! However, I just remembered a situation someday, i woke up too late, regarding that time was my second day of my duty in the company. Oh i got stressed a lot, and started getting so angry oh what i did?!! I got up out of my bed in rush to reach my workplace on time. At the same moment, i took a deep breath, i said to myself, hold up for seconds, what i am doing?!! What about if i reached late, whatever it could happen to me, i will accept it, because it is my fault. I then accepted it because it must be there a bliss behind it. once i started thinking about it positively, i got so calm, directly the stress and angriness faded away. Remember, this technique, it can help you get out of troubles and tress.

Later, i reached the workplace late, the boss asked me to come to his office to discuss about the reason of getting late, and he told me ” you are new employee” and ” you do that” i answered him nicely “what shall i do?!” It was out of my control. He got so upset to me, and told me ” if you did it once again, i will report it to the HR department, that you are not so efficient to work in this store” i was so upset about his reactions, because it might occur like to everyone else, even i am new.

Although, the boss don’t know me well, and do I. It was such a warm deep discussions happened in the office, i studied his reactions at the same while, i could find out that he is good from inside, and i was thinking, that i should not blame him because he was doing his duties as well. I later got fine. However, that moment was a bliss, because i knew what kind of character he has. He is kind and helpful and that’s what it makes me to be aware next time. By the way, i was having a trouble of wakening up too early at that time. Because of that reason, i extremely do not want this to happen to me again, i started practicing to wake up early each day until I overcame it. And now don’t have this issue anymore, it was three blisses in one shot, knowing his character, practicing to wake up early everyday, and feeling the responsibility of my work.

Finally, falling in troubles could be a bliss left behind it. Accept it and act accordingly.

Thanks for reading.

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18 thoughts on “Bliss behind every trouble.

    1. Yes definitely! I would be believe in that too. I am interested to know one situation has happened to you, and how you acted through it?! Or did you take as an advantage at some points?! If that possible, Novus Lectio! Thank you so much for your nice comment. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. For instance, in the uk 95% of the parking are not free. So one day after taking a parking pace , i went to buy a ticket from the pay machine. The thing is that arriving at the machine , i was ready to put the coins when man came toward me asking me if i wanted his ticket. So if i had walked a little faster or slower i would have missed him.

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      2. That’s great, it could happened too. This incident is incredible. The count of steps is always a reason when you going ahead toward a purpose you want to get it. The fastness sometimes could save, and slowness is also a bliss. Everything we have, there must be behind a bliss. My friend has forgotten his wallet at home, but when he returned back to home for collecting it, he found out that he left house’s door open, he told me ” it was such a great chance that i got back home after getting the wallet he closed the door” consequently as per this action, he started making sure that he closed it before leaving house, because he had learnt a very good lesson from that situation. His attention has been increased consequently. Thanks for sharing your story here as per my request to you, Novus lectio. Have a great day. Love your story๐Ÿ‘


  1. Suhaib reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, โ€œWondrous is the affair of the believer as there is good for him in every matter, and this is not true for anyone but the believer. If he is pleased, then he thanks Allah and there is good for him. If he is harmed, then he shows patience and there is good for him.โ€
    Great post Hussein!!
    I feel that everything in my life is arranged to be good for me…
    The year 2014 was a hard year for me…i lost my husband in a car accident…he did not suffer from any disease…but he ‘s gone suddenly….after two months…i lost my only brother…he was 44 years old….also he has gone suddenly after only a week of feeling sick…he was also healthy and not suffering from any disease…
    I learned an important lesson….life is too short…we should forgive…we should do good and wait for nothing….
    We have to know that we will not have everything we want in life but work hard as much as we could…
    My children’s father and my only brother left our world and took nothing with them and they did not achieve all what they dreamt of…
    All we leave behind us is just the good we do for others and our good manners .
    Thanks !!

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    1. I believe in this Hadith which you have mentioned it here about the prophet Mohammed ( peace be upon him) thanks to remind me about this Hadith, as we should always keep our minds alerted with these precious words. Whatever we hate, it might be good for us hence we have to work out on it. It must be hidden something good behind it. and whatever we love and do not get it, it might bad for us, as a result we have to stay away of it. Oh sorry to hear about the loss of your husband, it was such a very tragic incident, that your Husband has passed away in car accident. Besides the loss of your lonely brother๐Ÿ˜ž. Pain is sometimes hardly to be accepted in all ways. But we have to take on the count of almighty Allah, he is only one better than everything. Have patience is the only thing that we can have right now to face sort of like these situations, because bottling up our sadness in our heart will not return them back, therefore it is a way to comfort the heart and soul, in addition, accepting what almighty Allah has written to us with no objection will also help us relieve from that pain. You right about that life is short, and we should act with kindness, and we should forgive because nothing is worthy these days, consequently all passives shorten life. May Almighty Allah gives you the constant strength to face sudden changes in your life. Stay blessed, Sohair. Once again, thanks for sharing your thoughts. God bless!

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      1. It is my pleasure, Sohair! May Almighty protects you from anything bad and gives the ability to raise your children the you want to see them when they get mature. All the best, you great and strong woman as well. You have such a great character, this story could be a reason to mention it here for inspiring others and take it as a good asset for their lives, calamities are not all on the same level whereas some people have a simple thing such like simple negative issue, they act on it like a big catastrophic, when they see yours, ultimately, they would be thankful to Allah compared to your calamity. Thanks Allah for everything, calamities are a way to obtain our self confidence back. And it even makes stronger.

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  2. I am notoriously a non on time person but at work I like punctuality but I also believe that lateness can genuinely happens if itโ€™s not a habit or a fruit of not taking seriously our own job,that is bit your case ,I know.On top of everything I believe everything happens for a reason……….I witnessed a time when being late saved lives.So …..once again great post and good point my friend โค๏ธ

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    1. Everybody likes punctuality. But as i mentioned, we sometimes get out of our control, and then the lateness can possibly happen ๐Ÿ˜‰. You know, could say that i have become so strict to resume my workplace on time. Oh great thing that i heard it from you, you encountered a time that you saved lives. Stay in peace, and God bless you and protect you from anything bad. Thankfully, i guessed that you will comment here something, because i believe you passed in so many situations, hence i also guessed that you gunna share me something here from your huge experience in life. Thanks for sharing your gut here, dear Ortensia๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ˜‰

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