Share carefully with selective individuals!!

Be careful you guys when you need to share something with your colleagues at your workplace about certain thing you intend to do it in the future to score higher place in your work. Because the ideas which you have it, they might not think about it all or it did not come into their mind, as a result they may fed you up, because they don’t want you to change, as it may look inconvenient for them, In this view, they may see it brilliant thoughts comes out from you, consequently, it may lead to a better transformation at your career. However, if you really need to share it, try to engage it, no problems, but you need to be carefully while choosing the proper people who you really feel that they really want to support you in that, let’s say that it would be sort of like small circle of supporters, this will probably look like conversations with mentors and close friends.

In addition, give yourself the freedom to brainstorm and to not commit to any particular new direction immediately.

Finally, be very careful to whom you share your ideas and how much you share with colleagues if you are not thoroughly committed to a shift. Envious persons are a lot, they will try to set you back, if they found out that you are going to do better than them.


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