Stop building horrifying mental scenarios about what it might happen if you fail.

I believe that fear has a positive side in our life, if we think precisely that it takes away from dangerous situations that it might put us at risk. Remember! We should have balanced fear, because too much fear leads to limit our thinking and limit our life too. And it can turn into major obstacles and difficulties to success.

Well, at the beginning of one stage of my life stages, i was too careless through my school’s matters, never care about my studying, never did my homework which it had been assigned by our teachers on daily basis , noting that i was in 5th grade. Therefore, i was not doing my homework when I go to school next day, while teachers were checking out students’ assignments during the class. Later, they found out that i did not do my homework as per requested for the whole year not for one or two days only, Definitely, it has affected on me a lot, led me to stay at the same grade for the next year, not getting to next grade which I shall be in 6th grade, i got crying too much, when i got the results at the end of that year, as my ex classmates had passed the grade successfully, and promoted to sixth grade, but for me i stayed at the same class. However, at this point, i decided to change everything in my life to prevent this situation from happening again to me.

In that light, the concept of fear did not exist in my life’s dictionary, and do not know what kind of feeling, I will get when fear comes to me. But because of fear of failure that feeling started emerging, in a result, i took this fear as a positive means to support me for going to next levels of my life. As i began to have my responsibilities seriously and not to try be careless anymore due to what it had happened to me previously. Of course, i promised myself not make it happen again. Hence, i started studying hard because i do not want that bad feelings to come back again, it was really disturbing me and it has affected me negatively. Anyway, i use fear in my studying period and get it into my side positively until i succeeded in all stages of my studying. And i finally did it.

That’s why i counted fear is a great technique to help me success. As Fear should not be too much, but in a feasible way is acceptable. But you need to know that you can take fear in every field not specifically in studying, i know you know that, but i just wanted to remind you!

Finally, think always about how fear could block many paths from passing it and put us at risk as well, if we did not use it efficiently. I remember just a comment from one of my favourite readers here in WP my dear Ortensia said “Always look at the glass half full my friend and always start thinking we can do it but if we won’t it’s not the end of the world……something good will come up anyway” you can check out her blog is full of amazing, and realistic stories from the heart and it exists in her site. Here we go for her site


Replace negative fear into positive fear, and enjoy your success. As i mentioned in one of my previous posts, thoughts are choices.

thanks for reading.


17 thoughts on “Fear!!

  1. Wow Mr Hussein, powerful post and so true!
    Fear is essential in life but we should not fully be consumed of it as it harms us more than good. Best to have a moderate amount and use it as a motivation to achieve what we want in life.
    A motivational post indeed, happy to see how far you went 🙂 You are now a teacher right? 😀 A great service to future and present students! =D Teaching others is like giving them light to the darkness, keep it up Mr Hussein! 😀 Andddd congrats on hitting close to 500! 😀

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, it is really encouraging. A positive fear is great tool to let us go beyond the limits of thinking and get succeeded in what we like only. Yes i am teacher, and teacher is born as a giver, no choice, means we have to give, and we have to give, i sometimes teach my students values and telling story out of the academic for five minutes of each class when it is necessary and of course if i felt that they feel down, and after telling them the story, i asked them to let me know what they get from the narrated story, as they can become able to tell me what is the moral lesson for which i have told them. I am glad to have here, and your words are amazing, means alot to me once again, by the way, the number of your followers are increasing too, could notice that too. Stay blessed, Doni😀😊👍

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      1. Hello Mr Hussein! My pleasure, it is a inspirational and meaningful post hence praise is a must! That’s awesome that you are a teacher! 😀 Indeed, born as a giver! I wish you all the best for your profession! You seem like a great teacher, keep it up! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for the feedback, means a lot to me, you right about what you said it here. There is nothing more to fear than fear itself. Excellent comment, and golden words. Thank you for sharing it, dear tinahomeblog. Stay blessed❤️😊

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  2. Well,I don’t want to replete the comment I already made you in FB.I love this post ,so true and inspiring and obviously I feel privileged to be so high I. Your opinion…and flattered.hope I’ll be up to the role.have a good day my dear friend❤️

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    1. I still reviewing your past comment, because it has inspired me to go through this post, and write down what’s rounding in the surface of my brain in the purpose of recording it to myself for future review. You deserve to be high, because your knowledge is indescribable. Therefore, knowledge is what it makes us different. Thank you from the heart, stay blessed, Ortensia. 😀❤️


      1. I don’t really know how to respond if not that modesty aside I’m glad I come across as the person you described.thank you my friend ,you have no idea what this means to me.I’m profoundly touched and flattered by your words.
        Have a good day my friend.❤️

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      2. Don’t worry, i got it very well! I also ran out of words😊. Thank you so much again for everything, dear Ortensia. Warm regards, Hussein! 😉 have a great day to you and your family too. 🌹 Good Luck, many blessings are ahead😊

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  3. Great post Hussein! Fear does not always have to stop us dead in our tracks. We can choose to use that fear to fuel our success and freedom from the very things or people that keep us stuck. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes to you and your family in 2018.😊

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    1. Hi Cherylene, hope you doing well! 😊 i really appreciated your kind words, it is as always super amazing. I am glad to see you again here. All are golden words, could not find better than it, because it is highly amazing. Keep it up, by your words you fuel my battery to hit the highest goal. Stay blessed😊

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      1. Oh thank you so much for great for 2018, wish you the best to you and your family as well in 2018. Stay blessed, i am blushed by your comments. You too kind and generous, love the way you react to my blog, it encourages so well. Thank you for everything, dear Cherylene 🌹🙂

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