Difference in taste!

I have my own styles.

You have your own styles.

Don’t accuse me.

Don’t prejudge me.

You had accused me of doing something.

I knew was incorrect.

You always create struggles.

Much better to separate.

I need my peace of mind.

I try to find a resolution.

No one come to a resolution.

May be, you consider your own place.

As, I need to consider my own place.


To understand my view.

Before, we leave too far away.

Far away.

I don’t need that to happen.

But, difference in tastes makes struggles.

15 thoughts on “Difference in taste!

    1. You right, thank you for your constant support. You encouraged me a lot to go through poems, it is something interesting. I can see poetry are great tool to lay in for expressing emotions. Once again, thank you dear Novus Lectio🙂


      1. Could not find specific words to show my gratitude to your perspectives. Therefore, i searched for it, and came to know that compliment word is about showing kindness and reciprocal feeling while reading in sincere👍. That it does not reflect the precise meaning as in Arabic ones😉

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