Never give up, you might be closer to achieve your goal.

Never give up, you might be closer to achieve your goal.

Don’t be too quick for giving up and take the easy out. Reaching ones goal needs a hard work. If you still want something, keep fighting for it. That doesn’t mean that you can’t change your goals. If you decide you don’t want something anymore — truly change your desires it’s acceptable to move on to fight another battle instead. Do mistakes but never quit. Kindly, see the attached photo It’s the story of two men who stopped just three feet from finding the gold they were digging for, and you then can understand what i mean exactly.

Lastly, Don’t give up just because you’re tired and yearning for something easier to do. Don’t betray yourself. Feel your desire. Plan and work toward your goal. Show persistence. Don’t recognize failure. Ignore failure. Keep fighting. Persist until you win.

Never Quit.


8 thoughts on “Never give up, you might be closer to achieve your goal.

    1. Hi maniepaperpusher- glad to hear that from you. You right about your perspective, being stiffer for what we need is a bliss, but we do have to search for inner side power of ourselves. Stiffness is beneficial particle which it may lead to self improvement, or self development, eventually it will help us be more confident when achieving something. Never quit and keep going on❤️, and have a wonderful day dear😊🌹. Stay blessed too

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