Student’s emotions

In today’s morning during the first class, I was with my students at the classroom. One of the students just raised his hand to ask for permission so that I can allow him to talk. Then it happened, I allowed him to talk after giving him my permission.

However, after going beyond the reason of raising his hand. He has told me that he dreamt in a nightmare. He asked me If he could share it with me, I said ” yes, please! You could share it with me and whatever you want”and I then asked him ” what kind of nightmares you dreamt?” He told me ” I dreamt that mum has passed away.” He just wanted to confirm If this dream would become true or not, because he had heard that some of our dreams we may have, it could come true. This innocent little boy was so afraid that it may happen to his mother so the reason let him share it with me that he was afraid about his mum. You know, I am so friendly with my students, they feel comfortable with me. I think , that’s why he liked to share it with. Therefore, my students like me so much, they like to open up everything personal to me. Head back to the point, this kid started crying when he told me so , he made me cry though. I just wanted to give him a hug, but I was so afraid, it might be there someone else would misunderstand me wrong. As you guys know, as teachers we must keep a gap between students according for what it is happening nowadays. As a result, I did not know what to do next except telling him that nightmares happen to everyone else, this is normal, and what you dreamt in, it won’t come true to alleviate this passive feelings and thoughts which it was thrown over his shoulders. I was so sad about him. He also made me rethink of my mother. Oh! how life makes us so busy about our families and we never care about them that much like before the time they need us , and how hard turned our heart into stones, as we may not even get affected if we heard that we lost one of our dearest. This poor child changed me a lot.

Finally, I tried to cover up basic points in this blog, hope you guys got it. I wrote it so quick to keep it as reminder to remind myself first and then you guys that we have to check out our family from time to time.

Give them some of your time, they spent their lifetime caring of you until you have grown up.

8 thoughts on “Student’s emotions

    1. Hi My Garfield, hope you doing good 😀this time. Good to see you again, I really appreciate you permanent follow up about my blogs. I am so grateful to you dear. And thank you so much for visiting😊

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  1. All we have is now. And how often we forget that… I didn’t know you were a teacher. That’s so wonderful. And very rare for a Jordanian man to admit that he cried😊 I admire that courage. Have a lovely weekend ahead and blessed Friday! (I should have said Friday before weekend but well. ..😊)

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    1. I know that it is hardly to find a man who cry in our community. But we have to name our emotions either we are happy or sad, it does not even matter what others may think, I have been created the way I am as long as we are a plump of emotions. But no worries, you right about what you said. You know better 😀. Oh really! I thought you know that I am a teacher because I have highlighted this in one of last posts in the past blogs. Glad you know now 😉. I appreciated you kind comment. 🙂

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