Wadi Rum-dramatic sandstone in Jordan 

Wadi Rum is a protected desert wilderness in southern Jordan. It features dramatic sandstone mountains like the many-domed Jebel Um Ishrin, and natural arches such as Burdah Rock Bridge. Many prehistoric inscriptions and carvings line rocky caverns and steep chasms, such as Khazali Canyon. The natural watering hole of Lawrence’s Spring is named after British soldier Lawrence of Arabia, who allegedly washed there.

As for me, i like camping, watching sunset, and hiking the dunes of Wadi Rum😉👌

Whereas, we can find that there were a lot of fimls were filmed here in Jordan here we go;-

  • Lawerence of arabia.
  • Red planet
  • Passion in the desert
  • The face-rock climbing
  • Krrish 3
  • Prometheus
  • May in the summer
  • The last days on mars
  • Transformers( revenge of the fallen)
  • The martian and so on. 

Please, see the attached photos of wadi-rum in Jordan.

53 thoughts on “Wadi Rum-dramatic sandstone in Jordan 

    1. 😀 i am glad for visiting my blog again, i really miss your comments, hope you and your family doing well. No need to say sorry , i have already understood your situation by reading some of your posts👍Stay blessed, Logan! ❤️😉

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    1. Hi Updownflight,
      I am glad for having you back. I am pleased to see your comment once again😀. Yeah you right, i saw a photo one day for one of my friend and they are from Utah . Saw same shaped and designed of a mountain and rocks’ colors, i first thought his post talks about Wadi Rum in Jordan, i later discovered that it was relating to Utah. Glad to know this feedback too. We have some common features between Utah and wadi rum. Thanks for your lovely comment, and hope you doing great. 😊😉

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      1. That is so kind, of u Hussein.
        I enjoyed the images a lot and I am proud of those fantastic places as they are in an Arabic country in our beloved nation.
        Keep smiling and writing. ☺

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    1. You have to give it a try “hiking”. 😉😁You would enjoy it definitely. It is a way to make you forget from a lot of passive times you passed in the past. It works, thank you for your lovely comments as usual, stay blessed😂

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      1. Good Morning dear, Um Abdo!
        Yes, saw it today sorry for that, i was unaware for the attached photo, it is because i will be unable to see it in my comment list except if i opened the whole page, hence it can appear. But other than that i only see written conversation. Once you informed me, i opened from the browser. And saw it finally😀. Thank you Um abdo for this flowers bouquet. Nice look it is 😊👍. Yeah um abdo, i am wondering how you could attach a photo in the comment section, as i dont how to do it though?😬

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      2. Good afternoon Hussein and peace be with u dear.
        U can put a photo in the comment box by following those steps
        First, open Google chrome and write (free image hosting)
        Second Google will give u many sites.. Choose anyone of them
        Third… Choose a photo from ur mobile and begin to upload it
        Fourth… Cut the direct link which will be given by the site
        Finally… Open wordpress and paste the link in the comment box. And send it.
        My deaf friend from Us here in WordPress was the person who taught me those steps. She is a nice person indeed. She loves me a lot and sees me as her sister. Today I entered her sight in the morning and said good morning. She sent me a lovely image of a house in the forest and a lovely smiling face. She made my day really.
        I am happy that u liked my photo.
        I only send photos to u and to my deaf friend …u r my best friends here.
        Best wishes Hussein.
        U take care 😁☺

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      3. Wow! All these steps, i shall do 😳. I am grateful for this simple explanation, it is clear and apt. It seems your friend is so amazing like you for sure with no doubts. Amazing photo she has sent you about a house in the forest, i think it is incredible beautifully amazing. I am so thankful to count me one of your favourite friends, i then can see that i am lucky though. Alhamdulilah that we still could find a sincere and beautiful hearts from all over the world. Thanks um abdo 🌹👍😍

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