Inner sound

A: are you ok?

B: yes i am completely ok.

B’s inner sound: no i am not ok, i am too tired.

B: what about you, A?!

A: I am ok too.

B’s inner sound says: i wish, i could be like A

A’s inner sound says: i wish, i can feel like you when i am ok.

This is the truth unfortunately, we act like we are ok. but actually, we don’t. At the end, they are equal by results.

But keep it in mind, to whom we love, we can feel them. Even they did not say the truth to us. Look, how our beloved ones do not want to share us their pain to avoid disturbing us. As a result, we lie on each other.

28 thoughts on “Inner sound

    1. Painfully, i am one of those people who do not like to share their pain to whom we love to avoid of disturbing them. As i do not like to share my passive burden on them, because what they have, is enough. Everybody has his/her own issues. Thanks for your fascinating and impressive comment, dear ortensia! You hit the bull’s eyes.

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      1. Yeah, i know! It is not healthy at all, as we all know bottling up our passive in our heart always. It will accumulate pain, as a result, with pressure will create a bomb of negativities, hence we can not feel comfortable much.

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      2. I am one of those who never give up easily. I believe, it is just a short span of time. And it then will vanish. Life is sweet and bitter, we can not live permanently in sweet day, it must be there bitterness. It is just a storm and that storm will end soon, storms never stay for a long period. It is like day and night, when the dawn starts to draw its curtain of night to the light of the day and allow the sun to rise up again. Thanks dear for your concern. 😊

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      3. Yep after a storm there always be a sunny day that probably we wouldn’t even appreciate without having experienced the storm first.we need storm and we need sun to avoid addiction to one or the otherπŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

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  1. Sometimes the truth hurts. So if someone loves that person alot, they will not want to burden that person with their woes. So a white lie to protect the person. But often times, paper cannot wrap fire and things unfold. It hurts to love.

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    1. Very lovely comments, dear my Garfield! Well description by using paper that it can not be used to turn off the fire, but it can increase the fire. It is like that. So with a light lie gunna help us protect the person from being disturbed by our issues. Some of them, if you wanted to share your pain, they would take as overload. And then they will leave you because of complaining, but they are getting us wrongly, it is just a way of comforting our heart from hard pressure.

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  2. Absolutely true. We often hide our true feelings through fear. Fear of hurting others, fear of being rejected, fear or frightening others. The truth is, if we all were a little more honest and open about how we feel, perhaps we would not feel so lonely πŸ’–

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  3. Very important issue.. I am the type of people who listen to other people and share them their pain and try to help… But when I suffer I speak with my sister… I always feel that God is near and feel me more than people… Sometimes I hear a verse in Qoran while walking in the street and I feel that God talks to me and say(everything will be okay.. Do not worry).. Then I feel happy because troubles made me nearer to God.. Sometimes I feel that I do not deserve such care from Him… But His mercy is endless… And nonstop…
    U r now suffering because in the time of relief the taste of comfort will be different… It will be better than not going through troubles at all.
    My dear friend Hussein I ask God to grant u happiness and protect u…
    Hard times, will pass quickly insha Allah!


    1. Very diplomatic comment, yeah it sometimes happens when it comes to me, listening to Quran recitation for one reader. I feel, it talks to me though, the way i feel comfortable through it. Thanks God for the problems that we get it in life, for the first hand, it reminds us that we get out of the track of the right path, and on other hand, troubles make us stronger. Very informative comment, um abdo! It comforts so hard, i really loved, because i got spired by certain types of words which you have mentioned it here. God bless!😊

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      1. Colors are just colors… U r dear friend… Colors are nothing… U made me smile as usual…. Keep smiling.. Life is good, ☺

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      2. Yes it is indeed πŸ˜‰
        U r lucky… U receive many hearts here from many friends… Cause u r a lovely character… U deserve them absolutely…
        Keep going 😁

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  4. This is so true, Mr Hussein.
    In fact I am feeling like that now!
    I am usually that person who keeps the pain to oneself, without telling others.
    But I know it is not healthy but I do not it anyway. I mainly do it because I think people just don’t understand and I don’t like the answer like “You are overthinking” sort of thing, people sometimes just don’t understand, mainly because they haven’t experienced it.
    Sigh…. 0_0

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