It is stupid to satisfy all people about all things, in the purpose of having them as friends, we have to go against what’s wrong by avoiding saying YES all the time. And standing right next to the right side. when it comes to me, i do not worry when i have enemies in my work or any other place at all. Having had enemies is aprrove for you that you are such successful person.

I have heared someone talking about people who have a character one day. I saw it much interesting, i could believe for what he said ” a man with character, he has enemies” but ” the man with no character is loser” as i could believe totally for what he said at that time. Therefore, i noticed while my working journey abroad and in my country alike,  that successful people mostly get struggled from those jealousy colleagues at work who are around and so close to them , they always create traps to let them fall in it. It seems, wherever you go, you may find individuals have these concepts ” i do not want to see others better than me” as for me, when i see those kinds of people, i pay attention for everything i do, i try to avoid making mistakes, if i did a mistake, i will report it directly to who responsible about me, because if i hid it, any of my oppenets will report it. Hence, i keep everything visible. Opponents their wish to find faults by watching you all the time, and then report it, so make advance decision and you yourself report it before they do it–be faster than them for reporting this, because managment may understand it passively, and will try to fire you by any chance, so BE CAREFUL. and finally, your oppenets will take your position after you got fired. After all, these struggles and fights that successful people may see daily in the purpose of taking their position at the company.

In brief, the way to maintain your success by being always straight and clear. It is the way how you can defeat them.

23 thoughts on “Opponents!! 

    1. Hi Garfield, i always encounter this passive habit, i could not find any solution for it, because this epidemic has been increased since long time. I could say the efficient way is stay away and ignoring them, this way it could kill them. Thanks for the feedback, my garfield😊


  1. So this post has a relation to the former post.
    In fact my tongue stands still when I feel that one of my friends is upset.
    All what i can say is that those people who hurt others at work are losers though they think they r intelligent. They have passive feelings inside their hearts. They live a sad life… They are discontented all the time. Instead of spending their time in improving themselves.. They spend it in grudges, jealousy and making conspiracies,against successful people .
    The last lines of ur,post gives the solution .
    Ask God to protect u against their evils.And be happy cause they r jealous of ur success.

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    1. So true, it is all about mental problems nothing more. They might have grown in an environment full of problem and struggles, you hit exactly. They still create problems by no reason unfortunately. Iam really upset of this. But it is ok i can handle it, it is montonous actions👍 Thanks um abdo for this information 👍

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  2. If just everybody would be honest about themselves and with the other none of this would exist………..unfortunately we had to constantly watch our back and being straight expose us even more….once again you made an other perfect analysis of what is going on around us.clever post Hussein

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    1. Very well done on your explanation👍, it is so true! Yes, we have to be aware for everything and whats happening around us. You know, i usually make work stands at my back to support me, so let the work you have done, talk about you. Clean hands make your work looks professional, even there are people want to destroy what we have worked. Thanks dear ortensia for this additional clarification 👍😉

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