Kid’s trust 



How beautiful to get the trust from young people the same way you get it from little kids.


When kids trust you, they will never have any doubts that you are going to take them to the wrong direction, so when they love you, they will give you love because this is what they all have. Consequently, they will always feel more comfortably towards you, as they will be more careful to keep what bothering you away. Therefore, they will be ready to hide their eyes by a piece of cloth, and hold your hand with an open heart. It is like when you tend to give them a present and you request them to cover their vision, and ask them to open it when you are done from preparing the gift for them. You know why they closed the eyes when it is requested , because they absolutely know, you will take them to the right direction. In addition , they will not get bothered if you ordered them to hide their eyes, but they will keep smiling and the happiness covers all of their face, because they know that you are going to hand them a surprise to make them happier, all of that come from a trust which they have given it to you.

While most of the adults are getting things wrong, they will never think positive, even you are their friend, they think “trust” is just a concept they hear about, but they dont think this word is a practical concept, that we should work on, so why we are friends, if we dont give the trust for each other the same way when children give it to adults.

Finally, if we know what trust is meant for, we will sort out many problem. in addition, we will be closet to each other. Life with no trust, it is like a fire when it burns everything.

Peace, Hussein Allam

31 thoughts on “Kid’s trust 

  1. Great topic Hussein…the world of children is really amazing…i like dealing with them cause they r smart and sensitive.They appreciate the smallest things u do for them and their love is real and simple.
    Great news and well written post Hussein.
    God bless u !!

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    1. Me either, i like their spontaneous words when they produce it out of their mouth, because whatever they say, will be the truth, they dont know how to lie, because of the whiteness of their heart, except in one case, if they have been affected by negative environment or people around them, psychiatrists say, children are getting affected by the environment which they grow in, either good or bad they will be shaped accordingly. Thank you um abdo for your lovely words, means a lot to me, have a great day 🌹❤️😉

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  2. Wonderful post Hussein. Trust is the cornerstone of all relationships. Children naturally trust, they have on reason not too. It is only when this trust is broken that this childish wonder begins disappear. A trust once broken make take years to repair. Thank you for sharing. 🏃🤦🖒

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    1. So true mr mel, could not have said it better, loved your words, but if the concept of trust has been broken, it can not be come the same way, as it was before shaped in a good image, it is like a glass, if it was broken, it could not be like before, even it was repaired well, the effects stay there, hence we have to change it spontaneously, because we did not like it. Thank you mr mel for your great, you reminded me on something, i might not be aware of it. Have a great day 💪😉👍

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  3. Hussein interesting topic. I think with adults some of us have been hurt and disappointed so many times that it is hard to return to our innocent child-like selves once that trust has been broken. I think with such people we need greater patience and understanding as we try to learn why they are the way they are. If their friendship is deemed valuable then they may be worth that extra time. 🙂

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    1. I just wanted to shed a light on your two words (understanding, and patience) and both are really integral part. As usual, i am flattered by your comments, dear cherylene, have a wonderful day 😊🌹❤️


  4. Children are innocent and they love they give are unconditional. It is only when they grow up and with environmental influences (good or bad) that shapes our future character. At this stage of their lives it is the best as they are malleable and teachable. Happy Friday Hussein! A good share and great observation as always.

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    1. Hello my dear Garfield,
      Hope you doing well?
      I greed for what you have mentioned over here, great and awesome comment. Unfortunately, habits which it exists around them has a big impact on their lives for forming them either to be bad, or good. You also did a great part of your perspective, loved this observation though. Have a wonderful day too 😍❤️🌿😉


  5. Well put.Beautiful truthful post.I would rather be naive and trust then spending my life watching my back.Sooner or later our trust will be at times be betrayed but we that shouldn’t stop us from keep trusting,may be not blindly,but we need to keep alive the child we once were ,we need to keep some ingenuity ,we need to trust and believe in others or we will be destined to be sad bitter and alone .❤️

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    1. Could not find the proper words to reply to your comment, it is profound and it bears a great meanings behind, you dive well in human’s hearts and souls, great analysis in its abstract unit, hence i understand what you meant for exactly, this is a great psychological logic explanations. Well done! You are eligible to be a psychiatrist consultants, correct me if am i wrong?! 😊

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      1. Thank you dear but I barely manage to consult myself left alone others😉 I loved the post so true and so in line with my thinking and are too wise to be so young 😊
        You indeed deserve a proper party bag🎉😀

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      2. Wow, much better you do, people sometimes destroy by their wrong prediction which it exists beyond the consultation. Thanks for the gift wrapped of choco cake from agata❤️😉. Have a great Friday, Ortensia😉

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    1. Certainly yes, people could not be like people before-in the past, they had changed completely. Your friend is your pocket, if you have money, you could live better, but in the past were awesome, trust and value were important aspects rather than materialistic. Thank you for stopping by, i am glad you liked it. Have a great day 😊

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  6. This is so true!
    Some say a child’s mind is clean and when it ages, it becomes unclean from all those bad personal characteristics like jealousy, anger, cunniness etc. Obviously not every child is like that but I don’t know why young adults and adults are not so genuine like kids. It is a pity really. Great point you covered here.

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