Enemies of your success

Ok right now, I could not just think for at least one minute, i would find individuals that they want to get you out of the right track under the name of advice, wow! That’s so disgusting. You know, before i was unaware of it, the enemies of your success will start getting nervous, when they see you flattering and shining due to your success which you gained during your work times. It is like your good work have left good marks behind you to be talked by people.

However, you know already that everybody is in the world has his/her own character, people are different in everything and that’s what it makes the universe unique, So if everybody was the same, life would be boring.

Mainly, I am talking about some characters who want to change their attitude and characters and even their deeds to satisfy others, therefore this is so wrong, and then it means you lost your self confidence, because you care a lot of what other people say about you. I would say to you, that let them say whatever they like about you, either you change or not, they will keep talking about you, and either you walk in the straight path or not, they will continue to talk about you though. So why you need to change and losing your original identity for the purpose of reaching other individuals’ satisfactions. Yes! Tell me what then?!!

In that light, you have to make sure from whom you get your advice if provided, analyse it, if it is for example destructive or constructive, and then confirm, if it is logic, thank them, in the meantime if it does not make sense, don’t argue them, just easily throw it away.

Envious people would provide such a cruel advice to drag you the way they you want you to be, because they do not literally want you to reach higher levels and block your success and create for you an illusional walls that what you are doing is totally wrong, if you listen to them, they won, and you lost the competition which you have set it for achieving it.

The criticisms never end, and the storm of difficulties inevitably you will encounter it, just keep moving and dont take their trash to yourself..

Thank you for reading.

16 thoughts on “Enemies of your success

  1. You are right that we cannot control tongues, minds and actions of others. The envious ones will never be satisfied and will always find something to say that demoralises the better ones. Ignore them is what I do. They will remain trapped in envy, jealousy and ill will.

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    1. Exactly, you right ignoring is the best thing we could ever do, and let them be and sink in their ill will. What it matters, if we are completely satisfied about ourselves why we need to change, they are the one have to change😀, in addition if they go with difficulties in dealing with, i would suggest for them something like leave me alone, so that i can make their lives easier. Lol! Loved your stopping and strewn your lovely words in my post, thank you my Garfield, stay blessed!✌️🌹

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  2. Unfortunately sharp tongues guided by poor brains are always at work but once we go to bed feeling good and in peace that it is what it counts…..still they upset us but we are stronger😉

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    1. It is true, empty minds make wonders, we can not go beyond their discussion as long as they are making us so upset. It is such a great point highlighted by you, we are stronger more than they expect, you know! Keep running behind idiots we’ll make us silly. 😉😊❤️

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  3. Wow Sir, I felt like this post was me thinking thoughts! Very nice and flows well together!
    Clearly these people who try to drag you down are highly jealous. Jealousy is a path to self destruction, little do they know about this. One succeeds from helping others, not by discouraging others.
    Unfortunately sir, we cannot escape such people. Even the absolutely faultless people in this world, are blamed and insulted. We can’t escape it but we can definitely ignore them. This world is combination of the good and the bad. We can’t escape conflict but the wise one, ignores the words of such discouraging people and never stop their path to succeed. Afterall, such discouraging people are indeed impermanent and will not stay in our lives forever.
    Keep strong, Mr Hussein!
    I know it is frustrating but patience can help you gain peace. No point fighting back with unintelligent people, we only waste our time and energy. These type of people needs our kindness more than anyone else 😉

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    1. Yes, we can not run away of them, but at least we we could possibly ignore them. On top of it, we should bring our strength to control bad emotion and drag down their discouraging words which it would directed to us by them. As opposite, their criticise could be a source of energy to move us a head much more harder in case of we can transform their negative feedback to positive feedback and enjoy that energy which i am talking about. Most importantly, we should accept things we do and support it with our self confidence, as it increases abilities for better opportunities and gain finally that trophies we striving for. Thank you dear Doni for taking care of this and having your valued feedback about it here, means so much to me. Good luck, btw, please dont say Sir ever again as long as we are as friends, wp breaks these barriers for being more than that. 😉👍🙂

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      1. Hello Mr Hussein! That’s true, we cannot run from them but we can indeed ignore their discouraging words. The one who faces conflict is more stronger than one who hasn’t, although the experience is not pleasant it makes us stronger to handle situations. We can indeed can transform a bad situation to a good situation by reacting positively. That’s true, criticism can be a source of energy. We should take what we think is good to extract from and ignore the rest. My pleasure, Mr Hussein! Sorry! Because you are a teacher, I felt like I address you in that way – for me it doesn’t feel write addressing someone older than me by their first name!

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      2. These two things experience and mistakes we passed through in the past, we should be grateful for , because it has a purpose to form us at the present present. But i have a question for you, Doni! Which one do you think of these options you might get stronger as a part of experience A) learn from other’s mistakes and try to avoid them B) learn from your mistakes itself. Or C) listen to someone’s advice and take it into your consideration to avoid any potential faults in the future? Other people went through hard times and fell in many mistakes do you think May it happen to us too? Thank you so much for your much respect to me. You are free to call me whatever you want 😉😉

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      3. Hi Mr Hussein! Now that is a sort of tricky question because I can’t just choose one! I can’t really choose one because all options I believe is advantageous to one’s future success. The mistakes one commits, what others commit can indeed help us get back to the right track. We got plenty to learn from them. Our experiences and other experiences are indeed useful. I think if several people take the same path, I think not everyone in that group of people will experience the same consequences if that makes sense. After all, everyone’s decision making and behaviour is different. The hardships and mistakes others experience may be experienced by us if we do the same thing they did, I believe there will be variability. I’m not sure if I am answering your question well, Mr Hussein! 🙂 Please let me know if I am not clear in communication!

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      4. Your reply is logic! No dont get me wrong, i am not trying to trick you by this question neither gunna wrong you though. I just wanted to figure out which one is best for you. As for me, all are useful. But i prefer watching others to learn from them before i fell in troubles rather than i try to ask them for some advice because others sick may think it is weakness, it is not that much complicated but believe me it is the truth. I experienced those kind of mentalities. It is like they have a perpetual favour on you, they await for you to return it back. Thats all. Thank you dear Doni for having this meaningful reply in my comments box. Proud of it. 😊stay blessed

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