Uncomfortable choice

If you look for a room to grow , life has two choices. Firstly, comfortable choice–safe. Secondly, uncomfortable choice–risky. You always choose the risky choice, because it is the one will teach us the most, and the most will make us grow. That’s the one you have to choose, as it will change our life to better. By the way, taking a step for making a decision does not have to be a life or death, simply it is just choice that it helps us to gain self-trust, so just do it to get it . However, don’t pick up the safe choice, and get out of your comfort zone to boost your life much better, as a result, further positive results will come later, and then you notice how your life will be better in your in transition.

Finally, do it without overthinking. Remember that our mind is the lazy one not our body, it depends on how you look to things from different views.

Your comfort zone➡️where your magic happens.


18 thoughts on “Uncomfortable choice

  1. And yes…the mind is the lazy one, not the body. You should be a national mood lifter in Jordan. I know too many of the lazy people over there!

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    1. You know, lazy individuals are everywhere in a specific way. But we sometimes have to think what are the things making them in this way. I could find that shortage of some resources are a reason for limiting ourselves. Talents are there, but we need someone who can take care of it and make it grow gradually. Anyway, thank you so much for your encouragement. 😊😉😁👍

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  2. Well written post Hussein !!
    I agree with every word here…i want to add something…making a plan before a choice is important and also taking the opinion of wise people is also necessary…
    I do not like to make a choice without asking people who are older and have more experience than me.
    Best wishes and Good evening !!


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