The mission of success


Stop overanalysing things which it is useless. It is just waste of time and energy, as you have to work out on things which it gives positive results. In addition, you have to stay away of negative thoughts that tell how bad your ideas are. So work on minimising procrastination, which it may affect on your personal potential and expanding your imaginations. Do not postpone your life’s work…Ok?!!

Focus on getting stuff done, and getting results. Progress is the ultimate motivation, the real world rewards are those who get things done not the perfectionist. It is ok, make mistakes, and fall in obstacles, we are not perfect. The most important is that we need our goal to be progress not perfection. Remember, our obstacles will guide us definitely. By the way, if you have something extra ordinary, share it with the rest of the world, don’t be afraid!!. But be ready and adapt yourself that you will get criticised a lot, because people judge what they don’t understand and can not comprehend. Not everyone see the thing the way you do, you have to add this note into your account ok?!! So it is ok if they don’t accept it,,because you are not seeking for their approval for your stuff, however don’t let them stop you from thinking, so act bigger and get closer to your life’s calling. What about if i fail?

It is ok, fear of fail is inevitable but it is not fatal, so you are not your failure. Don’t get stuck!!! The more new situations you expose yourself, the more opportunities you have. It is a way to discover unknown aptitudes. Finally, failure is not a sign of permanent trouble, but merely as a sidestep on the path to success.

Do not stop due to the passive thoughts.






27 thoughts on “The mission of success

  1. First of all welcome,welcome back.I missed your post even if I keep an eye on you on fb😉overanalyzing might freeze our actions ,you are right.think about what we are doing is ok but not too much.sometime we just have to go by instinct and yes be consistent 😀

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    1. Hello dear Ortensia, welcome and so welcome back here. How are you? Hope you doing well so far 😀. I do appreciate your visits as usual into my blog, it is so nice of you, thanks for that. You right, overanalyzing could freeze our actions from progress, but if we pay attention much more on our efforts, in case if we fail, we should stand up again, because our failures are our strength, consequently, positive results are there if we have the full faith when we encounter hard situations. However, i totally know that you keep setting your eyes on facebook, thank you so much and thank you for being you, dear ortensia, hope you are happy these days, and dont have a busy schedule so far, missed your lovely comments, the best psychologist ever. By the way, you have to get PhD in psycho, you fit this role a lot, how i know? Simply from your strategic way of analytical responses as usual, my perspective was built on your previous comments😉👍

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      1. Thank you thank you thank you❤️but when you say I am a good psycho….hope you mean psychologist not psychopath😂😂😂😂😂have a good day my dear friend,you know I love your blog and your wise mind😀

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      2. Hhhhhh, as long as there is ” role ” word, means i am too far away from your meaning, and have another sign that it can approve for you that i did not mean what you meant, which it is “psychologist” don’t worry, i always put myself in the safe side, so that i can know how to respond when it is necessary😂😂😂✌️😉😊 thank you again for your lovely encouragement to me, you have already energized my battery😉😁

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      3. I’m glad….and don’t forget I have “antennas “to detect good person so obviously I can’t have other then nice words fir you 😊and we could go on all day making compliments to each other couldn’t we?😂this a solid foundation for a true friendship😎😜

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      4. Oh yes, i am running out of compliments sometimes with some friends😀😂, but when i tend to say from all heart, it will be different, because it will be the truth. The truth could get different meaning from compliments. Believe me, Ortensia👍

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      5. But antennas is something else by the way, it has an incredible role in your life, so try always to keep it up, because it is your intuition, it will help to go through right direction, you are a deep thinker though, thats why antennas have its wonders impact in ones life😉❤️😊


    1. Yes true, i will keep grinding, until things turn out into the right direction, thank you sherif for your inspiring comment, i do appreciate your repeated visits into my blog though. A trillion thanks for your positive reactions right here😊

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    1. I am glad to know that you liked it a lot, i so appreciated for your kind words.! Have a great day in advance, dear Cherylene, in addition, i really you repeated visit into my blog which it always give the strength to move forward. Thanks a lot and stay blessed🙂👍😊

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