Positive people

People whom we work with, they have a big impact in our life either bad or good.

When we surround ourselves with people who work harder, we would change ourselves to be like them accordingly. It is important to have peers in a job who push you succeed, if you found them, hang them around, never try to lose them just keep them.

As for me, i have worked in different environments from retail business to education department in my country, it relates to governmental sector. as i dealt with different kinds of mentalities. In addition, i met people with full of disappointments, but i never hear for what they say, i act like a deaf, silent, because if interacted with them, i will be infected by their diseases, it is human’s nature, you can be infected spontaneously with no awareness of that. But now i work with kids-little boys, having fun all time, i love that feeling when i see the honesty and the innocence appear on their face, and even they dont know how to lie, they always say the truth whatever they say, i believe them , as well as when they show their love to you, and they say “i love you ” i dont know what the type of feelings i get when i hear that word from them. However, be careful of being talkative with those kinds of sick minded people, you might get their negative thoughts and be like them either as i mentioned earlier, it is human’s nature to get infected easily. In that light , i go to my job and stay focused for what i am going to do in a hand for the day since morning until the end of my duty, i try as much as i can never share my decisions with others, if my work requires to work independently. By the way, i look to things from angles not only one, i even can look to harder tasks to easier.

9 thoughts on “Positive people

  1. Great news Hussein…
    I am sure ur little boys will never forget ur name even when they leave and go to a different stage…i still remember the names of my delegent teachers at primary school…those people put the basics not only of our scientific background but also the basics of our morals and behaviour and i remember them in my prayers…their work will last for ever.
    I am happy to hear the great news…wish u all the best…

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  2. Hussain there is nothing like the the young to keep you young, and like the elders to make them wise. Each benefits the other. They, my friend, are very fortunate to have such a wise one in their presents

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  3. Yes, avoid the truly bad people, but give those in unfortunate circumstances. Those who are malicious should be shunned for sheer sanity’s sake, but I like to lend a hand to those who have sad stories. Sometimes that has worked out great and sometimes I wish I hadn’t! 😉 ❤️

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  4. I think I was in need of this positive vibes, and where else to get than from my brother itself. It’s been ages talking to you, but the best part to see, you keep writing and keep writing good things.

    I miss you and all the old peeps at my end. I have been busy with plenty of things at my sleeves, hope to return back but can’t commit when.

    Love you loads.

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  5. What a great point you discussed here Mr Hussein! 🙂
    Always surround yourself with positive, successful and hard working people. The things around you have the ability influence one’s life, for the best or worst. Hence it is essential to get out of a environment or circumstance where laziness, lack of effort and negativity is present. We need to be strategic. Good on you for not paying attention on people’s negativity!

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