Internet contains a lot of incorrect information! 

Internet contains a lot of information, however, sometimes this information is inaccurate or wrong. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Recently, internet has a large amount of data, but we believe sometimes that it contains on fake information. Therefore, i agree with this statement, i will argue in details as following;

However, internet become so popular around the world, it has conquered the human’s minds. There are a lot of individuals use internet for collecting whatever they need from it, because it is easier and faster, whereas some people prefer this way to study and do a few researches for a certain topic, and some people have the desire for using physical books which it can be borrowed from the library in turn to gain pure and correct information for doing such a research. Although it is little bit complicated, and it takes time to gather information from it, but they feel it is an effective way to generate a proper data from the right source, notably researchers believe that all the rights of publishing preserved and checked clearly before distributing it in libraries.

While internet anyone can find different sources to publish whatever they like, as we could find fake facts do not match the real infromation, if we do comparison with other trusted resources, because it might be published by untrusted persons. In addition, there are a number take internet as an entertainment, they are careless, they do not care if they display either correct or fake data via internet, others could take it as an advantage to change human’s thoughts from positive to passive for destroying them apparently. According to electronic data protection community has reported that there are a lot of individuals have been caught for publishing fake information, as they were transferred to court, and it ends in prisoning them in jails for almost one year and paying fines for being found guitly about their negative deeds.

In brief, although internet has contained on fake information, but there are still thousands visiting internet on daily basis. As we believe  that there would be trusted resources either, so that we can go for it, but we have to check it out precisely before gathering information from it to support our studying researches.

10 thoughts on “Internet contains a lot of incorrect information! 

    1. People think that internet has a true and pure data alike, i wrote about just to increase awareness of people, i believe that there are alot of people believe internet has sometimes fake knowledge, but i just wrote it😉, thanks to share your comment here for supporting my opinion, Chaos!🙂

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    2. Hhhh, i do not usually go to use internet to diagnose myself, because it has dangerous symptoms, it gets me more sick, and depressed, when i read such a disease’s symptoms, as i got little scary,!😂

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