We usually encounter people contradicts themselves about what they say, they say something, and you agreed with them but when you say your opinion to them, they contradict it brutally, although your opinion similar to theirs, but they look at it differently . You can find out that, when you go with them in a deep discussion, after that, their image become so clear to you later, that’s why i count them as ignorants undoudtedly.

How you can classify those types of people?!


7 thoughts on “Contradictions 

  1. Keeping silent or listening only is much better than we say something, and we contradict it by ourselves at the same moment. In other, talk logically against something, or need to talk about anything basically, thanks Daideqi for passing by around my blog,🙂!

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    1. I’ll be stopping by when ever I get a chance.
      You have good content, that invokes deep thought.
      You say things slightly different, about slightly different topics, than other posts that are out there.
      Original, substantial, and intriguing.

      Plus, I like your voice. It is direct, willing to truthfully confront offensive subjects, and somehow with a soft, kind nature coming from a place of compassion.
      Not just opinion, but uplifting. Your words have the ability to lift life and the people reading it to achieve a better reality. Unlike a lot of self help, sunshiny blogs, your simple pieces let the words actually propel a person to move into a better position and don’t just count on infectious pictures of sunshine to lift subscriber spirits.

      Thanks for being real!

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      1. First of all, Your long comment is utterly amazing, i tend to believe that you are so smart, because you discover a little of my personality, in addition, your are so intelligent by analyzing my character too, and what you have said is completely true, as it matched my personality a lot undoubtedly. Therefore, you have a keen eye toward people, for this reason, your ability has helped you find out who i am, by reading my contents in such topics, as i have concluded that we have same vision toward life’s issues, however, what it makes me happy more, that i found such a person who understand exactly what i write and agree with my opinion, finally i need to share you something here that i have suffered a lot from people, i put all my trust for them, but they disappointed me later, they are so smart those type of people, as they try to make you trust them, after they take advantages from you, and then they fed you up later. Fortunately, life is full of lessons, as a result, i learned a lot from it. Before i go any step a head, i have to think thousand times before going through it, it might be trapped by brutal people, another thing about, I am so sensitive person, i do not like anyone who try to manipulate in my emotion, and i will not let anyone to play with emotions. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely comment, i read it from all my heart, liked it so much, it is so strong as well, Daodeqi!


  2. I have met these people. But to be guarded in case someone might have ill intentions would prevent you from knowing the ones that don’t. Plus, you can’t deny yourself the ability to be who you are. That’s how they win. They lose when you quit letting their actions affect you and shine brilliantly despite their efforts. At least that’s what I’m told. I am also still working on not letting the thoughts and actions of others hurt me. Water off a duck’s back.

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    1. I told you before, that we have common perspectives between each other, right! As i believe you have a huge of life’s experience in all different sides. Your respected comment shocked me actually, because what you meant is exactly what i mean, we have a mutual thoughts towards in life✌️, thanks for passing by Daodeqi!, May I ask you?! Where are you from?!😊

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