Look to things from different telescopes!

Look to things from different telescopes , you might find the right telescope for watching your future, how beautiful it is?!!

We have to keep trying several methods to determine our directions in life.

But if you look by using one telescope only, it means, that you have limited vision for your goals, on other words, you are not ready for confronting life’s difficulties, you still need time to go a head.

No worries, if you fall in troubles, you can use them as advantage, and train yourself how to avoid them in the future from happening again to you.

Remember, it is not shame if you fall, but the shame is when you fall, and you never stand up again from that falling..

Set a specific goal, and work on it until you achieve with honor!


8 thoughts on “Look to things from different telescopes!

    1. Very true points, so many people do not know that life has been changed from ancient into modern times, however , people have to look for developing themselves instead of getting stuck in the past, so that they can depend on technology to enlighten themselves such as internet means, which it has a large amount of knowledge that people may as a reference, it could help individuals continue up to achieve their goals, thanks true12imam for sharing awesome comment on the blog!🙂

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      1. It was my pleasure.
        but sometimes history provides of teachable lessons that could guide us during our path. because we are not able to experience every thing!
        Thank you

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      2. Yes, history is the only way that we could learn from our past, if it was taken from different angles. But we could learn from our present too. In brief, past, present, and future are connected to each other, it can not be separated undoubtedly.

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