Unfortunately, people are clingy to materialistic stuff. They forget the biggest event, it happens when the soul gets out of the body and everything in your body will stop working. On the other words, when your time is to die. Now tell me , you tell me, did you prepare well for this moment?! Are you ready to leave the world?! Don’t tell me because I know well, nobody is immortal, everybody is on earth will encounter this moment.

It is so sad when you get to know that humans forget the moment of death due to running behind their needs in life in addition they get upset and stressful because of not gaining whatever they like. Add to this point, racism why this aspect should be between us, labelling someone by the color of skin white, or black, or by religion this is muslim, or this is christian . There is no difference between people neither language nor skin, all will die and get buried on the ground, but it goes even the same way with poor and rich people wrapped by the same piece of white cloth. Before you leave the world and say goodbye to your family. Did you live your life as needed? By being good and help others because these things you will be asked about it in afterlife.

Really, you won’t have that feeling except when you see your dearest one has passed away and and do the cemetery rituals. And then at the moment of burying you will remember that is nothing worthy in life, either having a big house and villas or having companies such a big business or variety of expensive cars or whatever, all these are useless since you are going to leave it to your family after death. Now tell me. Is it worthy?! And are you ready for this moment?! Are you well prepared?! What did you do for this moment?!

Live your life and comfort your heart by being humble and act good.

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Afterlife

  1. Materialism has the potential to blind people. People indulge in sensual pleasures to the point they forget the reality around them, especially the most important truth – we are born to die. The end result is death. The day we are born, we are closer to death. Truth is bitter, truth hurts hence people like to live in illusion and get indulged in sensual pleasures, even if they act indecently and sacrifices one’s own dignity and morals.
    But once the telephone rings, calling for death – they panic , they yelp, they moan – as they remember the misdeeds they committed and regret the things they should have done before to die peacefully.
    Meaningful post, Mr Hussein!


    1. All in well, absolutely right! Loved your comment this. You understand what i meant in this post. Actually, people forget this big event dramatically due to running behind materials which they gunna leave after sadly. It is not worthy at all. Live happy and humble, and no need to leak our happiness for unproductive stuff. One’s heart bleeding because has not got what he wants in life. So what we need is one accept and and second reach out the highest level of full satisfaction. In addition, self blame, and self loathing are the way for achieving nothing. It is the way how it is! Thank you so much dear for taking your time for typing this long comment which it indicates about how life has a meaning to you. 🙂

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  2. There is no need to be clingy to materialistic stuff. We cannot take anything with us. Nothing belongs to us. Perhaps we should really think about that and we will see life differently.


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