First impression is the last impression

First impressions are important. Some people think that doing well in interviews is the key to securing the position.

To what extent do you agree?

There is a catch word ” first impression is the last impression “it is known mostly by all people in the world. We believe that the interviewees are being asked a number of questions by the interviewer with regards to certain job in specific field. Upon that, I agree that the most important thing in the business’s interviews is the first impression which you left after an interview. As if you acted well in it, they will hire you undoubtedly. As it is very important to know that interviewers have multiple choices in choosing the right person, there are an enormous number of people applied for the vacant position before you. I am coming to explain here in details why it is important the impression as following. 

To begin, there are many well established companies post vacancies for different positions in recruitment websites, and recruitment agencies as well. As a result, they will receive a huge number of applicants who apply for advertised vacancies. Furthemore, you have to put in mind that it is not only one who apply for jobs. However, you have to prepare well before you attend the interview, in case of you were being shortlisted for the first interview. As you have to go through comany’s profile via internet, and collecting some information from its website, so that you can perform well in the interview. In addition, you must wear a proper formal suit, because of the first impression is important.
Furthermore, if you have prepared well for the interview, the more chances would have come to you. For example, There is a prime example for explanation, one of my friend who work currently, as HR head department said to me. ” hiring is the most difficult job to do, because you need to hire the right person, it takes days to process, if you hired the right person, they can be a useful asset in the company”. He said that ” he has encountered numeric of applicants who have applied to a certain position with low experience, adding that had also interviewed people with strong experience, but their appearnce does not fit for the vacancy, as they look mess and disorganised.” Notably, self confidence in interview attendance is essential, such as; shake hands before you set, smile, and setting in a good way, in way that you make your backbone in straigt shape, as these thing consolidate the hiring process, it can help to success in the interview ultimately.
To sum up, advance knowledge about company’s profileand wearing a proper dress are keys to hunt the job. Whereas, the more your performance was good, the more opportunities will come over you. 


5 thoughts on “First impression is the last impression

  1. great points, i’ll surely keep them on my mind,
    in addition in think predicting the interview’s process and questions that may be asked could help us better to prepare ourselves.


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