Pros & Cons of having a car 

Some people claim that there are more disadvantages of the car than its advantages. Do you agree or disagree? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having a car.
There are a number of people believe that people who own cars have more cons than its pros while using it. So, i agree with them. Furthermore, i will explain in details as below.
First of all, advantages of of having car that cars can take people wherever they want. Nowadays, people look for a way to be more comfortable. As, it is easy to collect them to places they needed. For example, instead of using public transportation, they prefer to using their own cars to shift them from home to their workplace on the right time. Instead of spending long hours for waiting in the bus station until the proper bus to pick them up. In research survey came out from public transportation services, it showed that people who use their own cars, the can be at their workplace on time. Whereas Another example, human choose to own cars for the purpose of emergency. If there is any urgent case, they will see their available at anytime. As there are enormous of people who suffer from public services unavailability during late hours in the night. In this case, they would the encouragement to have a car to avoid like this issue. 
However, there are large number of people complain from roads congested during the day. As, in particular, in the rush hours which it happens in the morning. Whereas, there are a number want to be in their workplace on time. So, people who have private cars are the reason of road congestion. For example, RTA “road transportation authority” company prevail, that the principal of causing this passive effect came from those who own cars. Currently, they are studying to reduce from this obstacle. As in recent research happened in Australia. There were proofs shows that. The more people convert to use their own cars, the more of air pollution would increase gradually. Which it will lead to global warming. 
To conclude, it is beneficial to to have a car. But we believe that owning cars to road congested and air pollution at the same. So using public services as alternative, it would help to decrease from the proportion of polluted air, and road congested all to gather for the purpose of keeping a kind of balance on earth. 


6 thoughts on “Pros & Cons of having a car 

  1. Interesting post you have here, Hussein. I, myself, don’t own a car but I see its benefit. The problem is, we have so many cars right now. It would be better if we can do carpool. Imagine 4 people using their own cars to travel. Compare it to 4 people traveling to the same location using just one car. If we can multiply that number, then maybe, just maybe, we can have uncongested roads in the future. I just hope carpooling is enough to lessen the traffic in all countries. 🙂

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