Unknown Neighbours

In cities, an increasing number of people do not know their neighbours. There is no longer sense of community.What do you think are the causes of this problem and suggest methods to solve it?

Nowadays, there are growing number of people do not have relations between their neighbours. In adition, they keep them selves isolated with no social matters in one society. Therefore, i will expalin here cons and providing some solution for this phenomenon.
First of all, due to life demands and its pressure, human became so busy by working from ten to twelve hours in a day. Even, they do not have time to spend with their children themselves. However, internet is also a reason for keeping disconnected with each other. The development of internet has created so many social medias that people can depend on to keep in touch with others. For example, they use facebook for chatting, as they spend long hours on it. So in this way, it could be a bad effects on human nature. Furthermore, they prefer surfing internet and knowing what it is happening around the world by electronic news. So this reason may lead to keep people isolated. But it is very important that people should be connected with people in their community. It is one of the methods that people can relieve themselves from the pressure of the day. We precisely know, when people stay at home for long period, it will increase stress for them. As well as some problems might happen between children and parents. Besides, children need to be more sociable. in case, they play outside home, so that they share thoughts with other immature like them. By this technique, they will be more creative in the community and can grow healthily. 
Moreover, the soultion is governoment, it can play important role in eradicating this passive issue. For example, it can construct parks, so that people will be able to go out, and gathering togather. Parents automatically can talk to each other about their life matters. Therefore, children spend leisure time by plaing with their neighbours’ children. There is another prime example, government can encourage retailers to build malls. So people can make their shppoing. As a result, people will sponeoutously know their each other. 
In breif, building parks and malls will improve the communication between neighbours. As it will be highly appreciated.


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