Leave it to later

The person you claimed in the past, you are not the person that I know at this time.

The truth is with aspect of time, we can discover everything for any person. Just calm down and be patient, don’t judge people and say they are nice from one situation, wait until you deal with them many times. Finally don’t get manipulated easily , you need to test them before you reveal everything for them.

Do i need to make my life more complicated by testing them you would say who cares too?! Yes, because it is enough to be fed up all time.

I think, you know how hard to get hurt every time, and then no one cares how you feel later, you may forget the full incidents of such a situation, but you won’t forget how you felt.

Thats why Life’s tests goes in opposite way from educational tests which we always take at school. So in life, we go through the tests, then we learn the lessons through daily life situations. But at schools, we learn the lessons, then we go to test. Got it?? How far in meaning between both concept of the two tests.

Wish you all the best!

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Leave it to later

  1. Very true, good point Mr Hussein!
    We cannot judge someone based on one happy situation we had with them.
    We should not let emotions take over first, but rational thinking.

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  2. So true. Life’s tests are so important. This is how we gain experience, and how to deal with certain situations. Life is like a roller coaster….up and down….with disappointments and sometimes some happiness.💖

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    1. Thank you so much for reading my post, and your feedback about in this post, yeah it is right, life is like roller coaster up and down. Very great descriptive point. 👍🙂


  3. I helped one person and I helped a lot. Always selflessly. Everything came to the day when I saw that person lying and cheating. I said No. The End. Never again. I let this person leave my life. I surround myself with good people, I make good bye to liars quickly. Life is too short and I love my life.


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