Smiles becomes unfamiliar

Hopefully, we can still find people smile and laugh at the same moment.

Although we are encountering difficulties of life but we can still smile and this the only thing that it can help us pretend we are happy, therefore we might forget life’s pain.

However, when I planned for shopping today to buy some stuff, i accidentally saw my friend, i have not seen him since we graduated from high school. My react was making a soft smile in my face, and i then started asking about how he is doing in his life and what he has been up to now. Consequently, he made a joke, i laughed on it, suddenly there was an old man was selling fresh fruit next to us where we stand and talking. He was looking at me, he said ” why you smile and laugh, nothing in life is worthy” i asked my friend, if he knows this guy or not?! He answered me he is a crazy man, let him alone, but as for me the old man was not looking insane as he said as long as he is working in shop for selling fresh fruit, if he was really crazy how he could work in a shop and most of his time involves in interacting with so many customers in a day dealing with money and so forth. Anyway, back to the point, i insisted to answer his question at that time, i replied, ” life is worthy and i am so optimistic” in addition, i told him ” you have to be optimistic too” what span of time have remained in your life so no need, be happy and let everything alone work”

So i am not weird he is the one is weird, because smile and laugh are the world language familiar to everybody in the whole world, and then it becomes so unfamiliar to him. My valued fellows, who is now weird ?! 😁

16 thoughts on “Smiles becomes unfamiliar

  1. Hussein, you will always attract more people with a laugh and smile on your face. The beauty of you interacting with him may have been what he needed, life is worth living.👍🌞

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    1. Mr Mel, how are you?! Hope you are ok. I really miss you bro, i have not seen you blogging for the past few months. Whats up man. Thank you for the kind comment, appreciated it a lot, many thanks😊🙂

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      1. Been way traveling, back now and feeling great. I have had some problems with my site and seemed to have lost some of the one I had been following. I thought that you were one of them, glad you’re not. Looking forward to more of you post.😉👍


    1. Aslam Aleikum, Sohair! How are you dear ? Hope you doing ok. You right about your perspective, it is true! I almost dont like those who interfere in other people lives. It is so ridiculous though. Thank you for visiting, means a lot to me🙂😊

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  2. Thank you, Hussein. Smile is a profitable language in business too. We’ve learned that smiling is the key in most dilemma. However, I don’t blame those who see that there is nothing funny or no reason for smiling nowadays 😐

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