Three factors are important!

Keep tracing your negative behaviours if you really want to improve yourself in some areas, it will help you change it. At the beginning of the journey, you will definitely get some difficulties for gaining adaptations in the areas that you need to improve yourself in. Remember, thinking all the time of the stuff you want to improve it, it will work easier, because thoughts will be transformed into actions.

First, we have to increase our self awareness, second, classify people with whom we want to be. Last, avoid watchers who are always looking for other people’s mistakes.

In terms of self awareness, improving our negative behaviours into positive behaviours, so identifying the areas which we are weak in it, it will help us put a goal for achieving it absolutely. But with regards to classification, it is very necessary to classify people, the process of classification people will take time, it is ok! This purpose is for gaining your peace and avoid those who are always disturbing you by their bad attitudes. While watchers are a reason to interfere with things, it does not relate to them, but they are curious by asking wide range of questions, as they try to know everything about you, in some ways they appear in the innocent face like they are taking care of you. After you let them know about you, later, they will break your inner peace, one of aspect of their character, they look sympathetic with you.

Finally, the three factors which I have mentioned above, it is necessary to be applied in the current societies where we live.

Thanks for reading.


13 thoughts on “Three factors are important!

  1. Well written and well said Hussein..
    But i have a question here..
    What is the difference between a watcher and a new friend ..a scencere one..that takes and give..
    Are watchers sometimes from the relatives or just strangers or people at work..?
    In other words how do u know that someone is a watcher ?
    Best wishes !!

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    1. Aslam Aleikum, Sohair! How are you?! Hope you doing well, i really feel sorry about the loss of your beloved one ( your father ) mat almighty Allah let him rest in peace and give him the strength in confronting the questions. Rep! The new friend is too far in meaning from the concept of watcher, we don’t have right to accuse someone by being watcher until we meet and interact face to face, whereas a new friend should be dropped in classification list, we shall trace him how he behaves with others. I try sometimes try keep a gap between me and the other person whom i wanted to be with, during the gap, i will follow how he is behaving with others like in good manner or bad manners, if listed in that bad position, i will immediately think that he will treat me the same in future possibly , so why i need to bring headache to myself , thats why we should measure twice before anything wrong may happen. Since we create a strong fence around you, will help us get protected in the centre. However, i meant in watchers, its mostly about for those whom we usually work with. Yeah thats it! People who seek faults in conversation to trick me, it is not a good one, because i definitely know that no one is perfect, we are all exposed to mistakes and faults, thus no one is excluded from doing erroneous behaviours. Thank you for your good questions, truly loved it, and hope my answers fulfilled you all the way.


      1. Wa alekom el salam Hussein..thank u for ur ur prayers for my father..Amen…
        I agree with every word u mentioned above..
        Yes we should meet people face to face in order to truly judge them..
        Yes we make errors and mistakes cause we r humans not angels…and as u said in ur topic we should improve ourselves…
        As for those watchers at work…i met some people of that type…the best thing i do is taking care while talking with them and better talking little with them….
        Thank u so much for the answer and best wishes..
        Have a great evening..God bless u β™‘

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      2. You most welcome dear sohair πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰! I agreed with you too here. All has been said feasible and sense. Thats right we should talk less to maintain our red lines from not being crossed all the way up. I guess finding friends for providing an advice is much better than befriending fault tracers. That what it makes tired. Let them be, later they will approve themselves wrong. Thank you a lot for appreciating my comment πŸ‘πŸ™‚

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