Pseudo stories

I say this from all heart, never get sticked to other people words and thoughts.

I honestly noticed smart personalities, when they see you better than them, they start conquering their idiot thoughts and cultivated it into your minds, within this strategy they will be in control unto your personality, if we accept what they alway say, we will consequently lose our self confidence. Be only you, and don’t be their captive because of their negative thoughts. My advice to neutral part, listen to them but don’t be captivated by their thoughts.

I am totally convinced they even tell pseudo stories to convince you that they are right. And I am convinced they Provide stories created by their own mind through their imagination, it is just a way they use to change your direction, and find the way to break your personality the way they like. Trust me! Because they find you better than them, you will notice that are always around you and never let you alone. Sign of their bad jealous part, they are always interfering in your personal life ( marriage, your career, and even where you buy your clothes, or even the colour of your underwear oops sorry😳 , but they really like that😁) so Losers and jealous are acting on this way, they are jealous of you because you get successful in certain thing, and they are even ungrateful for what they had and they then come up in way sort of like positive motive–jealous but they appear in positive way( pretending) . they help you and provide you advices but not from heart is just because they need you to be comfortable towards and loved and share them what you have such as mysterious stuff which you don’t really need to let them know about it. if you feel comfortable and then you shared your secrets ( you fell in their trap) , why you may not think that it can their weapon and be used against you, as they might share it with others which you really don’t need them to know about it. Meanwhile, in hindsight, you found out that you shared it with the wrong person.

Finally, the message is Share your doubts and negative styles and bad habits and weaknesses you have between you and yourself. Never trust anyone, trustees are so rare to find them currently.

Shake the haters off and keep moving, feel free to act whatever you like with kindness.

You have been created with uniqueness, so don’t get indulged for what they say.

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Pseudo stories

  1. This is only one side- If only ‘the bloodsucker’ senses your weakness in you, he will use it. He will wrap around his finger with stories, behavior, until you fall into a trap. It happened to me once in my life. I have experienced a shock, I am ok now, do you remember the saying, I do: full me ones …

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    1. You so smart, You nailed it very well, thats what i meant for, they will keep sawing your stories and they then know your weaknesses and defeat you later. Thats the outcome of what we may encounter from envious and jealous people alike. Regards to your mentioned proverb, i never knew about it sorry, but my pleasure to have it from you by typing it fully here. By the way, i just remembered now referring to one of my previous articles, i remembered that i wrote something similar to this post, but one reader just contradicted for what i have written in that post, it is ok i am not bothered her contradiction, it is her view and needs to be respected. But the thing is that she said that not sharing with others about what we have, in other words, bottling up emotions in us will have accumulated pain and suffer, but your respective i agreed in 100 percent. I mixed up little bit about her response, i think she was right, but what it is your response according to her view. Please, share it with me here, i am ready to learn to be aware of this as long as you fall in the trap before. Thank you for your lovely comment, i am always flattered by your comments, because it is touches the reality.

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