One minute of anger equals one day!

At the core of this post, we are going to learn something is extremely beneficial in how to deal with insulter in our daily life;

Getting angry in reflexive to someone’s reaction by for example insulting you, one minute equals one day waste from your life. How?!! It is because when you get insulted by someone,you will start thinking about a lot, you might spend your full day thinking about it by asking yourself why was that for?! Then your whole day will definitely get ruined.

The recipe for eliminating that anger which it may ruin your day, you must deal with insult with reason rather than anger. Either way, an insult is nothing to get upset about. However, the best revenge is simply to live an even a better life while refusing to be like that person, Get it?!!

In that light, the core of this technique or whatever you call it you might call it a ” trick ” is to let reason triumph over your reflexive emotion.

The message is ; don’t let the external litters find a way to break your inner peace. No way!! It is how to get more security against predators-insulters. If you Hear it, accept it, but don’t let it affect you.

Thanks for reading.


12 thoughts on “One minute of anger equals one day!

    1. Hi Lara, hope you doing well 🙂
      I am so grateful for your constant encouragement to me. I certainly love your blog too. 😊 your feedback is highly appreciated, stay blessed🙂


    1. Ô thanks for brilliant comment too, i think this piece can be added to better advantages for encountering bullying too, because it is part of insulting which bullies used to going through insulting others, Very sad to know that some students commit suicided when they fall in critical situation with bullying character. Building self confidence in kids in early time, it will work out so efficiently in advance. Thank you for participating in this post, dear Ortensia❤️😉😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for your generous react. You do have too the same, thats why i hit the follow button in your blog. I hold your posts for reading it later, because it takes a skill at my end to absorb and observe what you write. The post i have liked earlier, it has ignited the spark in my mind. Hence, i had a quick review into your blog and found many things are worthy to read and spend some of time on it, it is rigid and lots of life lesson i could go through it and learn from it. I believe it was written by a woman beyond her experience, i cant wait more and grab that gems are all strewn over your blog. Keep it up. Dear😉


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