Granite Character

Being unexpected and surprised all the time, it has never failed to increase person’s pain. For this reason, nothing should be ever unexpected by us. Our minds should be adapted and adjusted in advance to all things and we should not consider the normal course of things.

On other words. I mean, that we MUST prepare in our minds for the possibility of extreme reversal of fate. Hence, you must believe that we don’t have the ability to control other people’s reactions. Decreasing your pain and emotions through this strategy will stimulate your character of having such granite character.

However, if you could not go through putting this case into your accounts, try to remember a person who has this kind of character like father, grand father , colleague, your boss. You will get easily through imitating that person and apply it into yourself.

Remember, keep your emotions away of any unexpected situation by expecting everything nowadays.




Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “Granite Character

  1. For me it is difficult to imitate people who has granite character…..i give every unexpected behaviour its reaction…sometimes i cry ..or become melancholic …or any thing that makes me out of that bad feelings.
    Those people who have unexpected reactions or behaviour r usually people we do not really know..i mean they r usually people who r far from our world…they r not entimate friends…they r strangers in fact ..even if they r relatives or work with when they behave like that …we r not surprised…cause they do not know us and we do not know them deeply…so hurt is not a good reaction here…why hurt as long as our relations r superficial .
    Nice post it is.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you so much for your explanation in the comment Sohair. First, imitation is not obligatory alongside you have your ability for taking your own actions and reaction in controls toward any case you may encounter. Second, in relation to this post is about how to decrease our shocks when we encounter it like those within the circle of dearest and nearest only-not strangers as you said. of course not those whom we have a kind of surface relationship will affect us negatively, as strangers are too far out of the circle , simply because they are not in deep relation with us therefore it is easy to eliminate them from our lives or even we can forget them radically. In the spot of this post, having melancholy has never been a good reaction at our end, because of bottling negative emotions up will cause accumulated pain and thats not good for one’s health. All the way, i agreed with you at some points. I guess the purpose of the post is to ignite a spark in our minds for preparing it for what it may happen from dearest and nearest at part of negative yes! It is all about dearest and nearest, being stand by for next will decrease person’s pain. Everything is expected from unexpected person. Thank you so much for your great discussion. Your visiting meant a lot for me. Have a great coming Friday, Sohair. 🙂

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