Do you know that if we were given an opportunity to live another day, it means we would be able to solve any problems we may encounter during the day.

Stop getting worried from the unknown, live your life as it comes, please stop putting everything into your accounts of what’s worthy and what’s not worthy. It is ridiculous to be worried from the next day. And being a lot worried what that day may carry to us. I believe that we have plans as we need to go through it in the future. But it is not the case that i am talking about, i am talking about incidents which it we may encounter it within the day itself. For example, a colleague at work, mistakes we committed and don’t know how to deal with it when the next day comes, how should we have the courage for facing a friend we committed a mistake against him/her. Going through a new environment, or even meeting a new person/friend. we sometimes get worried about our appearance, therefore we strive to get out the best image before meeting that person. These things are enough reasons to arouse the tension and stress into ourselves, think about it for while, is it worthy?! Of course not! For this case, you don’t have to add those disturbing worries and building negative thoughts for the unknown, it will exhaust your mind body and drain your energy more than it deserves.

You know why?! Because everything will cope according and within the situation, you put a lot of worries and at the end you did not obtain what you need as required. To be more specific, someday i attended an interview, I was too much careful and stressful about how I would act in that interview to win the job, but lately found that company was not worthy to work in, not professional management was there, and its products with low quality, it can not move well in market, how i knew that it is because i have a good experience about market and what’s fast moving products can be sold very well in it. You see now why it is not worthy to add much pressure of stress over you. Hence, i learnt very good lesson from that situation, that i should not make things bigger than it is required. By the way, this it is just one of the situation which it has happened to me. But i mentioned only situation to avoid this post from getting long, and then you get bored while reading it. Oh my God i got too far away for what’s written at the head of this post. But be calm, I typed it for a reason, when we think we committed a big fault toward any persons’ rights, we start thinking much and adding another big pressure over ourselves again, when we try to approach that person for apologising purpose, we sometimes notice that person is not thinking of it at all😁. It happened really to me. I then felt, i am the one who value things more that it deserves. I also notice that if it really gets me involved in critical situation, and that person was being too careful and did not forget the issue and his emotions got hurt, when we got back for discussing about it. It was solved with no bigger efforts at my end.

Finally, don’t exaggerate and give things bigger value than its real size. Act accordingly, and everything will come in flow.

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Flow!

    1. Thats all, you summarised what it has been said in just few words, you so smart. Great reply with stunning essence of words for the whole article. Thank you so much and have great Wednesday dear Ortensia🙂❤️

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