29 thoughts on “Women’s abilities

  1. How beautiful !!
    Gratitude is the prettiest thing on earth !
    I hope that all sons act like u Hussein and know how much their mothers do for them !!
    God bless u!!
    Great topic it is !!

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    1. I am proud so hardly of you because of your honest words, i am always get blushed due to your comments and the kind words, it is incredibly amazing to have you too on each blog i post in my site. We are in the same thoughts, thank you again for the great comment, Om Abdo! Blessings ❤️❤️

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    1. Aww, i am proud of your kindness and your kind request, you can do whatever you like, you are free for doing what you like in my blog. You have the green light without taking my advance permission. Thank you so much for your kind, my dear mainepaperpusher!😊❤️🌹i am so glad you liked it 😉

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    1. It is really a tough a question, indeed they have an extreme worth in life. It is not something rare for women, they are really having some unique skills and abilities to deal with life for example patience which they have is something so big. As they have a great position in the society, later they will have a children and life will change with them for better. Thank you for your stopping, i am sorry to hear that my dear Celine😊

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