If you are not famous, people will not listen to you, but if you are celebrated person, you will find lots of people are being inspired. And we can also notice in the comment box a huge number of great comments in their comments area. Why? Is it because he/ she is famous. 
In brief, if you are not  famous, people will never try to listen to you. And if you are not celebrated writer, no one will read your works.

Keep moving forward, my Friends!


39 thoughts on “Celebrity 

  1. Very smart what u mentioned here…
    Besides when u r real and know exactly ur precise goal they will be attracted and inspired by ur stuff !!
    I will read all ur previous posts Hussein ..i have finished my exams…i am sure i will enjoy visiting ur posts cause u r always real with ur audiance !!
    Best wishes dear friend !!

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  2. Hello Hussein, nice to see you back and writing. Interesting perspective. My observations as a newbie in writing is that people tend to be drawn to what they like. Although most of us have our personal preferences we tend to give the interest to others that show interest in us. Sometimes we have to be to others what we expect of them. Take care of yourself and keep writing. 🙂

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  3. If our ( or anybody else’s ) writing affects only one person, we have already made a change and succeeded. Being famous doesn’t necessarily mean wisdom nor genuine thought. It just means this person has a lot of followers that are hungry for a famous person’s lifestyle, not her or his ideas (usually). Now, being a famous writer is a matter of many things that have to come together. I am not saying someone is more prone to fame because of the place they were born in, but we should create options for ourselves and have a dream we support on daily basis. Many of us will give up when things go rough. This small community captures hearts. Famous or not, I don’t enjoy anything as much as the open hearts in some of the blogs I am following at the moment… Good luck everybody. Great post Hussein!

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  4. Yes, unfortunately here in the West people are obsessed with celebrities and they listen to them and try to copy them, even if they do crazy things. They can brainwash young people and I, for one, am really tired of them. For me most of them are just ordinary people who were lucky to become so famous and overpaid for what they are. I much prefer reading interesting blog posts of interesting people and who have a lot to say and teach me.

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    1. Yes so true, train today to reap tomorrow. You know buddy, loved writing your quote constantly this one ” train today to reap tomorrow” it always reminds me to stay positive. Thanks for your lovely comment dude!😊

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  5. Everyone wants to eat a ripe mango, because they believe yellow peel indicates sweetness and meanwhile ignoring raw greens , forgetting that riping is just the after stage of those raw green ones. None wants to wait till they get ripen and sweet. They neither want to water, nor to taste the uniqueness of raw ones. Unfortunately, these days fame is the actual measure of knowledge.

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    1. What a great description you put here!!!! 😊 i totally agree with you, thanks for your fascinating comment, i learnt something from you and thanks for that, Swati Mishra! Lovely comment, as it does make sense when i went through it deeply. Powerful!

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      1. Pleasure is mine. It was a true and wonderful piece of writing Hussein Allam, it provoked all these thoughts in my head. So, I’m equally thankful to you. 😊


  6. Hi Cherylene!

    Hope you doing well!
    Thanks for your reading and commenting. It is really true and agreed with your perspective too. Great point of you you have put it here❤️🙂😊


  7. So glad you’re back on here writing! You always look at things from a different perspective and I’m so grateful for that 🙂 It’s so true but I think it’s such a shame how non-famous people can be ignored – but thank you so much for sharing! 😀

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    1. My dear friend travellinggirl21blog who i really miss very much. Hope you doing well😊. As i really appreciate your appearance here. And thanks for your comment. You hit the nail on the head, so i know that you knew what i meant exactly. Unfortunately, thats what it is happening. But keep moving forward, dear! 🌹😊

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      1. Aww thank you very much Hussein! I’ve really missed you too and think you should definitely get morer recognition for all the amazing stuff you do ❤ and you too 😃 you’ve already got so far and I know you’re going to be even more successful! 😛


      2. Aww thank you very much Hussein! I’ve really missed you too and think you should definitely get more recognition for all the amazing stuff you do ❤ and you too 😃 you’ve already got so far and I know you’re going to be even more successful! 😛


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