Nowadays, some heads are used for hair cutting!! 

What you waiting for???

Just leave it away and think  differently. How many times we encounter problems in our life. For sure a lot. Some of it we can tackle it and others no. So for problems which we can’t resolve it, why we need to wait for so long until we sort it out? And at the end nothing can be achieved and nothing changed or improved. You see, is not it too funny?

Some people have their own thoughts and principles. Don’t be so optimistic that you can change them someday. So no need to keep staring at the problem and be much surprised waiting for finding a solution to it. Just think of it ! Even you need to inform them for what they are doing is wrong, but inevitably, they have never satisfied. you know why because they have their own satisfaction for doing their own stuff. As a result, we have just wasted our time.

Finally, the hardest thing ever is that you can’t change anyone personality. So be cool and move forward.

People use their head for hair cutting and unfortunately, they forgot what it is there inside their head. I guess, it could be there what we call it? May be—a brain. 

27 thoughts on “Nowadays, some heads are used for hair cutting!! 

  1. That is why i always tell myself that the most difficult job in this world is the job of prophets …what did prophets do?
    They succeeded to change people’s minds!!
    They suffered a lot..hurt..insulted..kicked out their countries …but because they had a great patience ..they managed to make a change !!
    We can make a change simply with our good behaviour..with patience and trying as much as we can to help !
    But of course we do not judge …judge is not our role i think !!
    Great issue!
    Best wishes Hussein !!

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  2. Not everybody should think like us or have our perspective. Sometimes even, people that we like will not like us. And that is perfectly OK. Differences between us is what makes this world beautiful, as long as they aren’t source of a conflict. Let’s accept each other as we are. We might learn much.

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    1. Hhhh, so true you went through what I implied for! Loved hat rack this you know, you just reminded me about warehouse racks used for displaying items on it 😂. great wisdom you put here . Your comments always make me grow day by day Mr Mel.

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    1. Hi Sadaf,

      Hope you doing well🙂

      Yes sorrowfully, they are ready to spend more money on their hair cutting style. Thank you so much for sharing your comment here and I am so happy you agreed with me too, Sadaf Siddiqi! 😂

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  3. I’m afraid you are right, but I’m hoping I can change the minds of some people. Some people want to kill people who think different from them. I need to believe we can change their minds, if not there is no hope… What do you think?

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    1. Hhhhh, it is so true! Yeah it is really hard to change the way of their thinking. You know why? Because they have already grown up by this mentality. Adults are impossible to change, immatures are possible. Thanks for reading and commenting, Aak fiction spawn!😊


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