Positive Criticism

Criticism is a useful tool can be used for improvement ones character. 

I could say that lots of people get angry if they got critisized by someone. As a result, they leave you away without further notice. They do not even explain why they blocked you on facebook though😄. When I memorized what I did for them, suddenly I remembered that I critisized them one day in something . Why is that for😅? That’s only because I only said my point of view. 

Look! Criticism is a great technique for improving ourselves character. So without this aspect, we can see ourselves perfect. 

Finally, we need to know with whom we deal before uttering any criticizes. As narrow minded people feel that it is against them passively. igonarnts are really everywhere, they think friends are enemies for them✌️. 

Without Criticism can’t live, because I can use it as an advantage for going a head. 


66 thoughts on “Positive Criticism

  1. Pride and ego is what upsets people…the criticism which is often a truth is a cold hard fact. This hurts ego and pride and causes anger. I suppose one could criticise withouf it sounding too bad and thus saving their egos or pride. Hope it makes sense☺

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    1. Hi updownflight,
      Hope you and your family doing well.🙂
      Positively, yes about you said. But unfortunately people see it destroying rather than building ones character. I really appreciate your time reading and commenting, updownflight☺️

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  2. I will say my opinion from what i have seen in life
    I learned to critisize people in private
    Cause criticism is a kind of advise
    Whan i advise someone in face book i need to send a private message and not to criticise on public
    He or she may be upset to be advised and all people know
    That doesn’t mean that he or she is ignorant but he may be a sensitive character i think
    But of course he is mistaken to block u !!
    Life needs patience indeed!
    Have a good night Hussein !!!

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  3. Hello again my friend Husian! I have not seen you for a while, Im so glad to read another one of your post! I have been gone and not blogged for 2 WEEKS! I will try and go back to read some of your other posts. Once again,thanks for the post!!

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    1. Hi My dear friend Logan 🙂

      How are you buddy?

      Hope you doing well with your adventures so far😉. I am also so glad to participate in my post. Oh really feel sorry to know that you have not blogged for two weeks . Don’t get bored of writing as talents and successful people should maintain their efforts towards writing. When we need to see your movie about adventure, a lot of fantastic incidents you got day by day. Can’t wait to see it soon🙂. Thank you Logan for participating here. Three men in one you are ( writer, adventurer, and actor ) ✌️ good luck buddy. It seems that missed a lot of posts which I really have to read it. 😉

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  4. Hussein, you have been gone but not forgotten, happy to see you posting again. Constructive criticism is not criticism. It is encouragement, given with love it is inspirational, eliminating self doubt and enabling the progression to excellence. Thank you for sharing.👍😃

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  5. Peace be with u Hussein!
    How r u my brother?
    Believe me or not i saw u in my dream today and u seem to be sick
    May be this is true or may be just a dream
    But i want to tell u something
    If u r sad because of ur friend
    Visit him in his house and tell him to open a new page in ur friendship and forget about everything
    I thought that he is important to u !
    Be happy my bro and have a great day!!

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    1. Aslam Aleiukum!

      كيف حالك ام عبدو؟ الحمدلله انا تمام و بخير و انشالله انتم بالمثل.
      انا اموري تمام بفضل الله. انا ما بعتذر لحد لاني مش غلطان. 😉 شكرا على اهتمامك اختي الفاضلة. كما اتمنى لكم مزيدا من التقدم و النحاح و التوفيق في حياتكم من الله عزوجل.

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      1. انشالله على خير ربنا يوفقك انشالله. انا بعتذر جدا على تأخري في الرد عليكي، و ذلك بسبب مشاغل الحياة الكثيرة. شكرا ام عبدو على التقدير من قبلكم لكي و لعائلتك الكريمة جزيل الشكر. كل عام و انتم بألف خير بمناسبة قرب العيد الاضحى. ما هي مخططاتك للعيد القادم راح تسافري كمان زي العيد الفطر؟😉😊

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      2. مفيش تاخير ابدا ربنا يوفقك حسين
        ان شاء الله بخطط للسفر بعد الاختبارات مباشرة عشان الولاد قصرت معهم
        رايحة الاسماعيلية ان شاء الله
        شكرا حسين بارك الله بك

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  6. Hi, Hussein. Mhm, ok. I agree with you 😉 And with the most of the comments, BUT you know what? When I am criticized it usually happens by people who I think are incompetent. I mean, it’s like a person who criticizes others about their relationships, but he has divorced three times himself. Can such person is able to criticize fair and teach others art of coexistence? You all will probably say: “Well, he has an experience now…” But does he really? I think it is a big matter who criticizes and how 😉

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    1. Hi Mrs mastermind,

      How are you🙂?

      Yeah, i greed with you too, that most of people who do criticise is also incompetent, they dont know how to criticise. Criticism is highly matters if we know how to convey it to others. Thanks for taking the time commenting and reading my post. Great strike. 👍

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  7. i agree with you. There’s always room for improvement. And its always sincere friends that tell us about our short comings by healthy and positive criticism. But—- criticism should be in a polite and modest way and should be in private and not in public.

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  8. All the world functions on clashes of egos. If all of us really think about it , we would realize that we are more ignorants than sources of knowledge. Let us be humble and admit that we do not know everything. Being a good critic requires proper arguments. If somebody has very basic knowledge on things, arguments can never be valid. Some discussions are better left aside…

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  9. Positive criticism is good but if someone always criticise you then it’s not good. How person criticise and for what purpose , it matters a lot and it can create a difference .

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    1. Hi Shayra!
      How are you 😊

      I am so glad to see your comment here reacting to my post. I agreed with you, if we need to criticise we have to avoid making it constantly. As it will probably disturb others. In normal conditions, criticism will be for purpose. Thanks Shayra for visiting and commenting😊


  10. You are right that we should be open to criticism. However, sometimes unwanted opinions can be so annoying. There are people whose opinions are not relevant for me, because they keep eroding others’ self-esteem deliberately. Or the timing can be fatal, or the style.

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  11. So true. We all need criticism in order to grow. Yet, we often dread criticism or “feedback” because we don’t want to hear that we need to improve. It takes courage to provide helpful criticism to someone you care about and providing criticism in a manner that allows the recipient to receive it in the intended manner is an elusive skill.

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    1. I have gotten such a great comment for the day, i am convinced about what you wrote here. Therefore, it is so much powerful. You totally right, and agreed. Thank you so much for your being a part of this post. Jcparry!😊

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  12. Hey guys I write blogs like this everyday very similar that follows the progress of me creating my FC1892 brand. I am a young man from Ireland and I’m blogging all my experiences everyday and I hope I am spreading positivity in them so please if anyone is reading this can they follow me and my blogs it would mean a great amount and I think everyone can take positivity and good vibes from my honest writing x

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