Children’s Satisfaction

Hello my dear valued fellows,

How are you? 

I am back you know it’s already weekend😉

Hope you have such a wonderful weekend☺️

When children has one dollar only, they got satisfied about what they have,  when you need to give them more money, they will not take it, as a result, they will tell you ” it’s enough”.

I hope to reach that children’s full satisfaction.


19 thoughts on “Children’s Satisfaction

  1. Hey, Hussein! It’s been a while.
    Now I have some catching up to do here… since the end of May I guess?
    Man, it’ll take some time, but I’ll read through all of your posts and leave comments there.
    As for myself, I’ve been busy with some stuff, sadly enough.
    Regards, Ilya.

    P.S. You’re still the man whose writings got me into blogging.
    These days I dabble with haiku, please check them out, I’m sure you’ll like them:

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    1. Hey play, how are you ?! I was just thinking why you are not active for so long. Now you will be ok for blogging I guess? I am so glad to find active currently in wp. I am wondering why you changed your blog name, as I believe it was named in writing pieces. But I am gunnna check it out, it seems some beautiful pieces are there waiting for me. Thank you for the compliment, llya😉 welcome back ☺️

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      1. I will ping back to your posts. And I will do that through Haiku. You can already check one out on “mildness”, you should get a pingback alert or something 🙂

        I’m doing very well, thank you Hussein. And yes, I’ll be more than ok for blogging 🙂 I’m happy about that. Need space to take my creativity and thoughts, you know what I mean.
        I didn’t change the blog name. I just started a new one. I got hooked up on haiku so really bad that I had to start a blog devoted to it.
        I still do keep “Pieces and Papers”, I just removed all haiku from there. The pieces will be for long poetry and prose 🙂
        All thanks to you. Keep writing your stuff, it’s so good

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      2. Yes it’s received and noticed that, oh see now, and you are right about your opinion, being creative to bring excellent thoughts needs space. Sorry I remembered now it was pieces and papers ☺️, yes you need to focus on haiku writings, it’s so much beautiful, I have checked few posts about haiku and it’s meaningful, and based on reality, I totally guess you have such a great talents for doing this type of writings. Sentinel and emotional. Keep it up, I am so glad to find active again buddy 🙂

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