Being mild or humble is the best medicine.

Don’t show off too much.


24 thoughts on “Mild 

    1. Oh Mr Mel! My best friend ever, I am gonna miss you too, as you have such a special concerns into my side. You always give me the support and standing next to my posts positively, as you always blow my mind with your fascinating comments, it was empowering me. Thank you always my best for the kind cooperation, that it pushed to go beyond the barriers and help for getting some of your experience here. Which I learnt from it a lot. you such have a beautiful, inspirational, and motivational, with a unique of your own way. Good luck Mr Mel. Enjoy your time with family. ☺️🌹


    1. Hi Logan, how are you?
      Missed you a lot 😉
      And so sorry for being late to reply on your comment, as I believe that you know the reason already. Thank you so much for your great comment as usual. 🙂

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