The secret of your cry😞

Don’t reveal the secrets of what making you cry, when tear drops fall down on the cheek of your face.

Because if they know it, definitely they will know the way how to make you cry.

If you analyze too much on what I said, you will able to define from where diamonds get molded originally – it was molded by charcoal.

Be strong!!!

36 thoughts on “The secret of your cry😞

    1. What a wonderful comment, thank you so much to let us know something from your experience. It’s so impressive and meaningful comment, I am so grateful for the comment which you are always enriching us with it, Mr Mel 👍🙂

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    1. You are right, holding up sadness in our heart, it can create bomb. But I guess, we have to know first to whom we need to share with. We can go a head to the process if we know them well. Thank you so much for passing by, up down flight!🙂

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    2. I think, when we speak out loud about pain and weakness we can turn into a power, the energy which give as courage to go stronger for live, other way, we will seat in the corner shaking forever 😦

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  1. People don’t even want to why you are crying. They ask for asking sake.

    As Richard Templar put it, “keep it under your hat.”

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  2. I agree with u Hussein because when I complain to others my troubles become bigger than ever…besides they will never see the complete image of my pain…only God that can hear ,listen,see and feel.
    Show smiles and do not show pain…it is better for a one to live peacefully.
    Cheers Hussein and Good evening!

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    1. Aslam Aleikum, Om Abdo!

      How are you these days?
      Thank you so much for your positive comment as usual, yes I agree with you, when we share our feelings with others , it may lead to worse instead of fixing it out. And yes it’s all about showing a smile without letting the feel how much pain we have, as if they know it, they will not know to sort it out, it’s like wasting time, when you talk to them, thank you so much for taking the time reading and commenting, means a lot to me, Om Abdo🙂

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      1. Hahaha:-D
        Today i am too lazy i just cooked some rice with milk for the breakfast of my children !
        My exams are on the beginning of August…I have to study 18 books…most of the books are boring …life is good anyway…
        You made me laugh Hussein!
        Thanks a ton:-D
        Keep smiling♧


  3. I think you can only show your pain to a select few that you can trust. Its good to have a select small support group, but they can only be there to support while the change occurs internally. I still think its good to have a close inner circle.

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    1. What a deep thinking comment, you are right, I believe it’s hard to find that certain group of people, but we if we find them, we have to let them undergo in experiment test first, if they succeed in the test , we then feel comfortable when we share them , thank you so much for your lovely comment, means a lot to me, so kind you are, Sherif🙂

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    1. Yes, it’s gonna hurt much more if we got hurt by dearest and nearest ones to us. You have an excellent view too with regards to enemies, it’s really right if enemies know our weakness, they will know how to manipulate in our feelings, thanks for your fascinating comment, Logan☺️

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    2. That is so true, if enemies know our weaknesses, it’s easy for them to manipulate in our feelings. But what’s hurting more if we get hurt by nearest and dearest ones to us, thank you for your fascinating comments, Logan🙂

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  4. I’m gonna remind myself of this, from time to time. Thank youbfor posting this! Being vulnerable to manipulating people is the worst!


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