Over trust

Over trust is the main reason for failure.

you have to expect what it’s not expected.

You have to measure the person you deal with.

If you are unable to build expectations beyond your thoughts, you may get passive consequences.

In Brief, if you can’t  measure and expect to a person, it is ok! Then no need to reveal your  secrts to anyone be mysterious, until days discover to you who is that person who you are dealing with.

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29 thoughts on “Over trust

  1. No, I haven’t seen any comments in the section😳, but gonna check it out in spam area, it might be there, possibly it is there, I will return it to its original place. But you really thank you for your concern about this this post😄 Om Abdo👍


      1. I was making macroni for my children sorry for the delay.My son wanted spagatti and I wanted to make another sort of macroni.But of course at the end I made what he wanted.Life is good isnt it!
        I follow many blogs in wordpress .I like them all.But at the end I have just 4or 5blogs that i consider them my close friends and ur blog is sure one of them.
        Talking about ur topic..
        I mentioned that i only tell my secrets to God as He is the only one that listens to me.
        Also telling ur close friend all ur secrets is not a good idea cause u may lose ur relation with that person one day.
        Your topics makes me think and contemplate!
        Keep writing!
        God bless u Hussein!!!

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      2. Wow, I am one of spaghetti lovers just to make sure, I would like having it with mozzarella cheese putting it at the top, and then it will look so delicious after baking and how cheese being melted whole over the plate and guess what will happen, It will be ready to serve😄. First thank you straight my heart to know my blog is concerned by you , it’s really a huge deal to me , I am so glad, as I feel really the same way HONESTLY. I really appreciate you how feeding others for having knowledge about Islam, it’s really very great job you do, may Allah make it for you as sadka and find it in Jannah. Pertaining to your point about the topic, it should be an excellent way you do, yes you should keep it between you and yourself and Allah. Nowadays, sharing our personal things with others could be as bullets against us, and you know what will happen next….., If you look to comfort yourself, just hide it. Thank you for your kind words and fascinating comment, Om Abdo! 🙂🌹

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      3. امين ثم امين، شكرا على اهتمامكم الدائم لنا. ادام الله عليكم الصحة و العافية الدائمة، ام عبدو و حظا طيبا باذن الله🌹

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  2. Trust, as you say Hussein, is at time given to easy. Trust once give cannot be retracted but the relationship is forever destroyed. The old saying “look before you leap” apply here. Know before you trust.Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Hi Mr Mel!

      How are you?!

      Wise words , I really have to take that mentioned words into my credits, we have to “look carefully before jumping” , it’s so much powerful wise words. Thank you much for mentioning that amazing words in my comment section, Mr Mel! Golden words🙂👍

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    1. Hi Logan!
      Are you doing well for now Logan🙂?

      Thank you for the positive feedback, as I am so glad that liked the photo, chose coz found it suitable with strong message given behind it. Giving trust to people could ruin two side in one’s life on the one hand personal life, and on the other hand is profession life. So we have to increase our awareness of this kinda people by making our eyes open widely. As you said, we need not at all give trust too. Thank you so much for being part of my post for the day. It’s highly appreciated, Logan😉! Loved your mentality. And the way of👌your thinking, impressive too young but aware of these things, good job👍🙂

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    1. Hi Garfield!

      How you doing?! 🙂

      That’s fine, at the beginning we have to be slapped on cheeks after we know how much it’s painful, we will try to work as much as we can to avoid being slapped once again, because we have already got experience from that, thank you so much, My Garfield for taking the time reading and commenting, means a lot to me!☺️

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      1. You always make me blushed by your comments, you are always saying kind and nice words to me, you so much amazing kind a person, and generous too, all positive around that in the world, it is you are truly. Thank you again for your lovely comment, my Garfield!☺️

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