Even, you are being loved by many people, it must be there one among them waiting for you to stand at the highest edge of the mountain, and then one will come for pushing you until you fall down.


21 thoughts on “Edge

  1. True friends are rare …
    I think the meaning of the word friendship differs from a person to another…according to everyone experience and shocks they had at life..
    Well written post Hussein!
    Thanks for sharing!!

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    1. Yeah, it is like the big difference between acquaintance and friend. Some people are passing by like train in our life to whom I can call “acquaintance”. But who stays with for the rest of your life either in harsh times or sweet times, accepting you in all modes the way you are, when they will be at your back in all hard times, I can call them ” friends” this is the distinctive feature between the two concepts perspectively. Thank you so much for your comment, Om Abd Alrahuman! 🌹🌹

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      1. Welcome Hussein!
        You can also call me om abdo..
        As my son’s name is Abdullah..
        I called my blog omabdalrahmaan because when I first began i didnot want people to know me because i was writing posts about my daily impressions and feelings..then i discovered that this is not important…then i deleted all the posts and then i began making posts about islam.
        I am chatty….aren’t me?
        Thanks Hussein and God bless u?

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      2. No no no, you don’t have to say that. In an open heart , I accept all kind of discussions, and relate to it wholeheartedly. However, om abd alrahuman is derived also from AbdAllah name, so it’s the same thing to me as per perspective. And Allh bless all of your sons sending hugs 🌹And lastly, showing honesty realting to what we write, it defines who we are. In addition, Being honest about what we write, it can define our personalities either strong or weak. But you are such great woman who are working rightly on spreading the message which it was created for.

        May Allah rewards you, om abdo!
        و جعلها صدقة جارية لكي ❤️

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      3. شكرا حسين
        مدونتى هى فقط تعريف الناس بالاسلام ولو شخص واحد فقط استفاد او عرف شىء كويس عن الاسلام فهذا يكغينى
        شكرا لسعة صدرك وقبولك للاخرين
        ربنا يبارك فيك ويكرمك
        دمت بخير

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      4. و هذا عندالله بكثير، و لو شخص واحد، الله يقدرك على نشر الاسلام، و الله يجزيكي كل خير، الله يسير امورك يا رب. بس عنجد فكرتك رائعة.ام عبدالله!
        It is stunning idea truly, just keep it up!👍

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