As a station! 

Make noisy people as station and travel…


6 thoughts on “As a station! 

  1. That is a great philosophy !
    But sometimes those noisy people are part of our we have to find a way exept travelling…like treating them according to their small minds and also i try to be somehow patient with them .
    I speak about some people i meet everyday at work ..
    Thanks Hussein !
    Best wishes!!!

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    1. Aslam Alaikum, Soheir!

      How are you?!🙂

      For the mentioned comment, It is good way to use it if you were at the situation of a certain discussion, but if the situation is not there why I need to go level down to treat them as per the size of their mind, therefore I am going to contradict myself, if I talked to them. And then I will get tired of them, because they are Snoopy.
      Patience exists but I sometimes got out of control😄, however. Thank you so much for the ideal critical discussion, Soheir!
      Your advice can be taken as advantage.👍

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