The lesson 

Not everyone we love will stay..

Not everyone you trust will be loyal..

Some people only exist as examples of  what to avoid..

Nowadays, we could see that most of the people are be careful  a lot for not making mistakes , means that ones doesn’t want passive things to return.

We believe, that There are a lot of people care too much to whom they deal with, because they fell for the first time, as a result , they got hurt so much. Therefore, they will not make it happen twice.

Be smart and learn from others mistakes. And  Don’t even give the chance to yourself for making it one on you.


17 thoughts on “The lesson 

  1. Great topic as usual Hussein!
    But I want to add something …when I deal with people I know they are not angels and not devils..they are humans..they are weak and supposed to make mistakes….but Life taught me to find excuses for others mistakes.
    ممكن اتكلم عربى هههه
    عاوزة اقوللك يا حسين التمس لأخاك العذر من سبعين عذر فان لم تجد فلم نفسك وهذا نهج نبينا الكريم صلى الله عليه وسلم
    اجعل سقف توقعاتك من الاخرين منخفض جدا حتى لا تصاب بصدمات كثيرة فى مشوار حياتك لان الصدمات تترك أثر عميق فى النفس البشرية
    May ur way of life be filled with flowers !

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    1. Great observations. I believe that human are not angels and they are not free of mistakes, everybody who lives on earth is exposed to make a mistake because we are human though. Therefore, we have to make excuses for them from one to seventy excuses. However, My post is concerned about those who we are always giving for them all what we have, but they don’t appreciate it. Like giving them a trust, because you trust them , you reveal everything to them, but sooner you will discover, they share what you have shared with others , specifically to whom you don’t want to know about you anything-betray. Keep in mind, trust and sharing with others what you have could be used as gun against you. Soft reply by my side, please note, don’t count as harsh contradictions, it is my point of view.
      ههههه، انا فاهم الحديث ١٠٠ ٪‏ امتثالا لرسولنا الحبيب صلى الله عليه وسلم. بس هناك بعض من الناس في مواقف معينة يكونو مفترسين. بالضبط انت اصبتي في نهاية كلامك في الموضوع سقف التوقعات يجب ان يكون ضئيل تفاديا للصدمات علما انني انصدمت من اعز الناس لدي و تركو عندي اثر مش قاد انساه بس لكن الحمدلله . مشالله عليكي انتي فعلا انسانة روعة و الله، و عندك خبرة في هذا المجال. حبيت كلامك كثير.
      All my hot salutations for you and your family too, Ramadan Mubarak!🙂

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      1. انا مثلك حسين انصدمت مرتين فى حياتى ومن اعز الناس عشان كدة خلاص ما عدت اتوقع شىء من احد..والحمد لله الخير موجود فى كل مكان …وكل شىء بيصيب الانسان بيكون خير حتى لو فى ظاهره شر والتعليم والدروس مش ببلاش
        اتمنى ان استخدامى اللغة العربى فى التعليق ما يزعجك وان لا اكون سببت خلل ما فى اسلوب تنظيمك للبوستات
        Thanks a lot Hussein!

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      2. انا انصدمت كثير حتى وصلت الى درجة انني تعودت على هؤلاء الاشكال من الناس. الحمدلله على كل شي و زي ما تفضلتي الخير موجود في كل مكان. على اية حال، استخدامك للغة العربية او الانجليزية لا يؤثر طبعا على الموقع، مفتوح لاستقبال جميع الملاحظات. شكرا هذا من لطفك و يدل على انتي فعلا تحترمي الغير و ارأهم، يا عيني على الناس المحترمة. الله يوفقك يا سهير كل الاحترام 🙂

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      3. تسلم حسين ربنا يحفظك انت الاحسن

        انت من الشباب العربى اللى نفتخر بهم لان لك هدف فى حياتك ونشيط وفاهم دينك صح
        اسال الله لك الثبات وان يحقق لك امنياتك فى الحياة
        دمت بخير


  2. Indeed! I was once like this but one mistake’s more than enough. We can’t beg them or expect more from what they can offer. If they’re not right for you and they had no intention to change, it’s time to leave. People should know their worth and not settle for anything less or temporary. It’s like a business, an investment… Agree?

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    1. Yes it is more than enough, well said! That’s really a great perspective, if they don’t want to change , it is much better leaving them, because they will be around like a nightmare. Thanks for the reaction for my post, themonochromereaper!🙂


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