Jordanian Cuisine (part 4)

Here is the continuation for Jordanian cuisine,  i am going to discuss for today about Ara’yes, Manasaf, Shish Kabab, and Zarb.

Let’s get started;

1. Ara’yes

If you didn’t know that ara’yes is grilled, you might actually think it’s deep fried, because it’s so crispy. At least that’s what will happen when  you try it for the first time.” Ara’yes”, which translates directly to the bride, is essentially two layers of pita bread, filled in the middle with minced lamb, onions, parsley, and with a fragrant allspice seasoning.

The quesadilla shaped ara’yes is then brushed with olive oil and grilled over hot charcoal so that it turns golden brown and crispy on the outside. The combination of that roasted olive oil bread and the oil of the minced lamb seeping into the bread, makes it irresistible.

2.Shish Kebabs

If you are a huge fan of meat, and the good news is, Jordanian food contains lots of meat, especially lamb. I should also quickly mention that some of the dishes mentioned on this list are vegetarians — in previous posts in part (1-2-3) but not definitely not shish kebabs.
Popular across the Middle East and the Levantine, shish kebabs in Jordan are typically made from minced lamb, which is mixed with parsley and lots of salt, then molded onto big sword like skewers, and grilled over hot charcoal. The saltiness of the meat, and the ratio of meat to fat, ensures the maximum of grilled flavor gets packed into the kebabs.

3. Mansaf

There’s one Jordanian food that is without question one of the most beloved dishes in the Kingdom – a dish that has known to bring people together in harmony and has even been at the center of resolving conflict. That dish is none other than Jordanian mansaf, widely considered to be the national dish of Jordan. After trying it, you can verify and agree with the Jordanian love for mansaf, it’s absolutely an amazing dish, and something so unique it is unlike any dish you have never eaten.

There are three main components to mansaf: rice, lamb, and jameed. The jameed, which is a hard dried out and fermented goats milk yoghurt, is re-hydrated into a gravy, and used to pour over the rice and lamb. The rice and lamb are fantastic, but mansaf really shines because of the jameed, which has a sour and salty taste, and an undeniable goat flavor. When you eat a ball of mansaf, you can literally taste the land of Jordan in your bite – it’s amazing.

4. Zarb

Similar to a Polynesian underground meat roast, the Jordanian Bedouin version of an underground oven is known as zarb. A mix of meat like lamb and chicken, rice, onions and carrots, are placed in a square hole in the ground, which is filled with flaming hot coals. The hole is then covered with a few layers of blankets to hold in the heat and finally sand is covered over the oven.
After a few hours, the meat and rice are all smoked, steamed, and grilled, all at the same time. The result is meat that’s fall apart tender Just like a few other dishes, it was served on a giant communal tray, rice at the bottom, a shoulder of lamb and all the vegetables on top. The lamb is so succulent it is unbelievable.

To be continued …

Thanks For reading🙂



29 thoughts on “Jordanian Cuisine (part 4)

  1. Yum Yum! I know I’m going to have to go to my local Middle Eastern restaurant soon. So you know, I recall them telling my husband and I that they were from Jordan.

    I recognized most of the dishes you’ve mentioned so far, but a couple in this post were new.

    Whenever my husband and I go to the Middle Eastern restaurant we must complete the meal with baklava. They have many different types to choose from, and many other yummy looking desserts, too. What is your favorite Jordanian dessert?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hhhh, it’s my pleasure to know that you liked it a lot. I guess these concerned meals which you have not tried it so far are so tasty, if you’re meat lover you gonna love it and your hubby too, the two meals that you feel are new to you , I think it is included in the middle easntern rest. For this reason it’s called middle Eastern rest. Should be all the recipes covered in that rest. For the desserts dishes , I will post soon about my favorite ones. I will not inform now in the purpose for increasing your longing to know what is the best for me. However, baklava is one of best dishes in desserts. 😋 I can reveal for you this one only because it was mentioned by you here in the comment. It is irresistible for me lol , thanks for passing by here, up down flight!

      I have note , are you receiving my comments into your comments section of your posts, because once I posted there a comment reacting in yours posts , it is not showing. Could you check it out in your spam box, it may go there .

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello Hussien Allam. I will be looking forward to the Jordanian dessert post. I am serious about going to the Middle Eastern restaurant tonight. If I still have room in my stomach at the end, I might treat myself to the baklava.

        I will check out my spam box. Which post was the comment for?

        Please note that I deleted the second of two posts I wrote yesterday. I just decided that it was for the best.

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      2. Hi up down flight,

        Hope your family and your sister doing well for the moment, I believe that everything ups and downs due to the tragic situation you passing in.

        Thanks for your prompt response to my comment, which it makes me happier once I see your comments.

        I believe desserts are the best for stomach specially when it is full, you may find out corner in your stomach to fullfil it by desserts as it is not heavy on stomach, one or two pieces will not affect that much 😄, Noting you when you wrote baklava my dribble went down again😋, I told in the previous comment, I can’t resist this one particularly.

        With regards to my comments, I understand your concerns about it.

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      3. I just got back from the restaurant. I had shish kabob with tabboulleh and grilled vegetables and pita. I drank mint tea and had a pistachio baklava. Really! It was all delicious. Thanks for inspiring my meal.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Wow, that’s the authentic taste of Arabic dish, mint tea create wonderful atmosphere in Arabic round table in the morning. 😋! Really wow, you had a great food for today, all you have eaten are my favorite one, tabbouleh I am so addicted with it , I have a love story between tabbouleh and me. 😄, what about your hubby, did he enjoy it too ?! 🙂, I am so happy for the great news which you reported me about.
        Wish all of your days filled of happiness and health, you are such kind person and wonderful alike.

        Thanks for the news, loved your feedback, it made my day😄😄

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Yes, true 😄, it made happy a lot. I ate Gyro either made by chicken or beef, love eating both of them actually. I guess, there is no big difference between gyro and shawarma, but I believe if it can be different in little bit in recipe, in brief all served by flatbread😉!

        Thanks updownflight!
        And Have a sweet dreams too🙂

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    1. That’s true, you will realise the taste when you try it on reality inshallah. I think, it’s so easy for Egyptians to get a visa, processing for having had a permit to pass in Jordan will not take a large amount of time. Get out of the routine and visit Jordan one day. You have to put it in your plans list for the coming year, inshallah! Thanks for taking the time reading and commenting, Soheir. Btw, some of Egyptian food is irresistible, I have tried it before
      Allah bless you.
      Truly yours
      Hussein Allam🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Hussein I hope so!
        Jordan is a great nice country and I came to it some years ago but as a transit between Saudi Arabia and Egypt …but of course I am looking forward to visit it one day insha Allah!
        Thanks Hussein ..may Allah bless u !

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you so much for the compliment, it’s really as nice as Egypt. Transit is not the way that you can discover Jordan itself, when you really visit and do check in it, while roaming in the heart of Jordan, you then will find the sweetness of the country. One to reveal it for you here, I have already planned to visit Egypt in few coming months inshallah, I would love to see, abu alhoul, pyramids and mummies. Can’t wait to visit sharm el-sheikh sinai as well. 🙂🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Great indeed!
        I am Egyptian and didn’t see all these… is good any way !
        I hope that u will enjoy ur stay insha Allah…

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hhhhh, I know that there are Egyptians did not visit some of the historical place in their own country, therefore, I have concluded that from the respective Egyptians who are in Jordan, don’t worry I am not wondering,as i did survey for that already 😂. As for me, even in my country I did not visit all of our historical and religious locations over here. So that’s normal and the results are equal😄

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hussein I am glad I am not on a diet while reading this, I would surely had come off of it after I finished reading about all of these wonderful dishes. Thank you for sharing.


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