Stars ✨

It is not only candles or lanterns, it can light the darkness to guide you for finding out your own way, but there are stars can light your way when it gets dark.

Hope the message is received.


16 thoughts on “Stars ✨

      1. That is such a great positive answer, that’s real meaning of being positive, your stability in answering my question has made me amazed, thanks for having you in here, themonochromreaper!🙂

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  1. Hussein, star are not alway celestial, they can be human. Perhaps a man such as you who write a blog filled with concern for others. You are a star. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you so much, it is very very much appreciated. wholeheartedly, your comments are always phenomenal, it can’t be argued, as my mouth is closed by a zipper now. I believe that you are the star of my blogs, Mr Mel. Just to make sure that i also love your own way on writing your own words, it is very unique, and it encouraged me a lot, in addition, it sometimes forced me to think of things in different ways. Once again, million thanks for your elegant comment, I got blushed. 😊


  2. I agree with Mr Mel !
    You are a gift Hussein with ur unique ideas here and there.May Allah keep u safe always.
    As for me the stars are my children ..l hope that I will live untill I see them something that Allah likes and pleased with!
    Thanks Hussein for sharing this great post with us !
    Best wishes!

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    1. Aslam aleikum, Soheir!

      Hope you enjoying Ramadan with your family.
      First of all, I became wordless towards your comment too, I believe that there are trillion ways appreciate and thank others, but I have one which I feel the strongest way to thank others like you, by saying thanks straight from the heart, I actually don’t use to anyone but I say it to a very few people whom I am engaged well of what they write. However, I wish from Allah to see children the stars and may Almighty Allah protect them too. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Soheir! 🙂

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  3. Hi Logan,

    How are you?

    Sorry for being late to reply to your comments, but I am online , as am gonna check it out in the comment section. However , thank you so much for your kind words, as usual it’s highly appreciated it. Yeah, it’s a bit near to the moon post lol, you are right. Do you think it looks like a poem 😄


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