Without a companion 

Life will not stop without a companion. So don’t be sad if you stay alone, live your life the way it is. There are many ways to enjoy life.

So Pause…and take a deep breath in and then breath out, and grab the nature and talk to it. As it is the best friend for us, and it can’t hurt us one day, it’s there when we need it.

In conclusion, don’t be so much influenced when you encounter empty promises from a friend for hanging out. 


15 thoughts on “Without a companion 

  1. It is a good idea to enjoy one’s self without a companion…
    It needs also a strong personality and great patience ..but it is better than being hurt and mistreated!
    Life is good anyway .
    Thanks Allah!

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    1. For sure, life is good, but if we know how to deal with it. In this mechanism life goes by accepting it either in its bitterness or sweetness. So if we encountered harsh days in life, it does not mean that life is not fair,. As it will affect in our faith, so I believe that there are better days are coming, in brief, all things put in the track of patience how you accept and things and deal with it. Much appreciated your comment, means a lot to me, Soheir!

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