Train your mind

Train you mind how to see things beautiful and positive.

Truly, we have to try to train our mind for doing that as much as we train our mind to see things in a positive way, we will always be happy and accept everything.

So Making it as a habit and routine, it will help us overcome many obstacles, and then you will see the difference later.

If you always look for negative sides, you will be sad and depressed all together.

In brief, Happiness is there, grief and pain are there, so it is your choice what to choose.


15 thoughts on “Train your mind

    1. But make sure that choosing anyone of these items need practice for applying it in your life. We always need you happy, so choose happiness, so that we can always have happier comments from you, DapoπŸ™‚

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  1. Training is an excellent way but sometimes it is difficult if a person has sad memories!
    Great post Hussein!
    May Allah grant u serenity and happiness!

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    1. Well, that’s so true but if we stuck back to past emotionally, and it is not easy to forget, then we have to cope our minds over it, and deal with it as simple and normal one as well. Thank you for you wishes to me, as I feel the same way towards you. Thanks for your comment, Soheir!πŸ™‚

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