Jordanian Cuisine (part 3)

In the last two days, I have post a blog with regards to Jordanian Cuisine “part 2”. Therefore, here is the continuation for Jordanian traditional food. As I am going to discuss for today about Manakish, Mujadara, and Shawarma.

Here we go…

1. Manakish

Manakish called Arabic pizza, and spelled in all sorts of different letter combinations (manakish, manaeesh), manakish is essentially a round of dough, topped with za’atar (an herb thyme spice mixture), olive oil, and can then optionally include toppings like white cheese (halloumi), eggs, or ground meat. It’s then baked in a brick oven.

When manakish is hot and fresh, right out of the oven, it’s incredibly delicious – the crusty bread with a fluffy inside, and that wonderful herb taste. I liked manakish especially just plain with za’atar, and I also really enjoyed the version with white cheese (halloumi cheese).😋

2. Mujadara

A typical everyday Jordanian food is mujadara, a mixture of rice, lentils, and a seasoning that includes cumin. It’s something that nearly everyone knows the recipe for how to cook it at home, and it’s commonly eaten as a dish that’s quick and easy. It’s also a favorite main dish for vegetarians in Jordan as well, as it’s filling and tastes delicious.

We like cooking this Jordanian style of mujadara is that the raw rice is cooked with the raw lentils altogether (rather than being cooked separately), so the flavors all melted and blended together. Additionally, deep fried caramelized onions and fried fragrant pine nuts sprinkled on top, are the two ingredients that take mujadara to the next level.👍

3. Shawarma

A meat lovers favorite from Europe to the Middle East, shawarma is common in Jordan and you’ll find restaurants that serve lamb, beef, and chicken versions. The signature method of cooking shawarma – layers of thin meat stacked on a sword like spit and revolving either vertically or horizontally over a source of heat – is part of what gives the meat its unique taste. When the outer layer of meat is cooked, it’s shaved off with a sharp knife, and usually wrapped in bread with either garlic sauce or tahini and a few pickled vegetables.

If you are meat lover, you have to make shawarma something can never pass up while you are in Jordan. 😉There’s an entire shawarma street in Amman, where you’ll find a number of different types of shawarma.
To be continued….

Thanks for reading🙂.

24 thoughts on “Jordanian Cuisine (part 3)

      1. Sorry to about your loss. What a bad news to hear, oh my God. May Almighty God give her the patience and the power to resist the grief. Please accept my deepest condolences for your sister’s loss. 😞

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    1. For sure, this food is loved by many tourists when they came to our country. As these simple dishes are handy to all people in Jordan , in other words , it is not that much expesive . Thanks the comment, maalem! 😉

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