Losing friendsย 

Losing some of friends are like losing weight, we could count it as a positive advantage.


28 thoughts on “Losing friendsย 

    1. That’s really a big difference between acquaintances Vs friends. And friend who should keep but aquaintances are passing by in all place either at work or education places. Good one to remember. Thanks Mr Mel!

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    1. Thanks for sharing feelings here, liked your positive feedback. Obviously, some of friend are like source of disturbance that’s why I wrote this post, losing them could be as a great advantage inevitably. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      1. I am glad to know you too , and thanks for your encouraging words, Do you have any problem if you told me you real name here , if no that’s fine. And where are from you too?! I am not racist too, don’t get me wrong, but because I loved your openness and honesty while talking and reacting via my posts .

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      2. It’s my pleasure too, and I am glad to discover your post too, take care. Don’t let hurt you , you are such a unique person, thats why you encountered like these situations, how I know , but I know. so many materialistic people are like this looking for bulshits only,.And nothing is important for them

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  1. Some of my friends try to hurt me when they say that they want to just give up on me but I get extremely happy. I have not have any friends reject me that are actual Friends, but we are moving so I’m loosing all of them on the start of the 6 month trip my family and I are starting tomorrow…..

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      1. I am your true friend, from now on I am your true friend, If you need anything, I will be around, if no doubts you have checked my posts are talking about true, they hurt a lot , and I know the true of friends ๐Ÿ™‚

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