Oh eyes, other people have eyes too ·_·

Don’t allow your tongue to utter the fault of another person, because you are covered in faults and everyone else has tongues too. 

And, Don’t allow your eyes to fall on the faults of others. Turn away your eyes and say to your eyes. ” Oh eyes, other people have eyes too”

We are not perfect in the world, we still humans, and do mistakes as well, and the perfection is only to Almighty God. 


40 thoughts on “Oh eyes, other people have eyes too ·_·

    1. Wow, thanks for the compliment, as I am pleased to know that you enjoy my posts. So do I , but I was wondering why you don’t do posting in the past few days. Hopefully, your latest post answered my question so that I know now due to exams,. Hope you did well in your exams, shall I expect high marks in it, unmaskedem😉?!

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    1. Well, if we avoid doing that, we will possibly act positively against people. As they do mistakes, and we do the same thing. If they have faults, so do we. Thanks for showing yourslef in my post, means a lot , buddy! 🙂

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      1. MOST WELCOME! YEH,I really Enjoy reading u’r Blog As write Better much Better than Any1 else & It SOUNDS GD! That U loveurownlife…Atlast,THANKS! 4 the Appreciation & I think so,U liked my Blog name alot 😊


  1. Hussein, mistakes are human, they do not have anything to do with our perfection. You mentioned that only god was perfect, can anything imperfect come from a perfect god? Thank you for sharing.

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      1. Going on, just I get so tired, that it’s difficult to go for masjid in fajr have to perform at home.

        Plus I was planning to go Haram a lot, but only able to went once.

        So not good I would say!

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      2. Wallah, I have same feelings, felt tired too , for this reason, do it home. Believe that it is much better for doing it at masjid due to more ajr. May Allah give us the power to endure Ramadan activities. Thanks for sharing about what feel 😊

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