The courage to confront!!

The courage is to stand up and to speak in front of them instead of talking about them at their back.
I usually see a kind of people, if they get angry from someone, they will strat talking about ones behind. As this way, it is not an efficient way, and it can’t turn them to the right.

However, if you see a mistake, go and confront them. if you talked about them behind, it means that you are coward and afraid to face them. As a result, all the issues and struggles can’t be solved.

We are not angles, and excuses still exist there. As friends, we have to create excuses for each other, if not why we are friends?! 

Confronting = solution 

Not confronting # struggles
Be the lion! 


15 thoughts on “The courage to confront!!

  1. I completely agree with this, though so many people lack the courage to do so. Being straightforward (in a calm way) with the person you have issues with is to me a sign of respect. Hopefully they should in turn have respect.

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  2. Hi. Confrontation requires our inner strength. If we feel weak, we will not meet the task. Personally, I like to talk about what frustrates me in relation to another person, it is the most difficult and also the best and short way to communicate. I choose a healthy relationship, because life is too short to fight.

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      1. I do really feel your expressive and impressive from you 😀
        Interesting is that you speak English and you find out my foto blog which is Polish, but I do speak English also. I will consider my bigger respect to visitors like yourself and start put some notes in English.

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      2. It’s barely me for sure. Your English is so well and perfect, it is fully meaningful. Are you really polish ?! Because your English looks like you’re native, as a consequence, I thought your American. 🙂However, Love to make friends from all over the world. 🙂

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