Versatile Award

Being nominated for this award was totally unexpected and super Awesome!!! Thank you for the nomination Karissa and her blog is so Please check out her blog. You can read all about her thoughts and opinions about life, she has an awesome blog. Its all beautiful and fabulous things.

Rules of Versatile Blogger Award;
1.You have to thank the person who nominated you for this award and provide a link to their blog.
2. Nominate at least 10 bloggers of your choice. Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination.
3. Share 7 facts about yourself.
Insightful blogs I highly recommend reading and further nominate for this award are:
Good luck! 

7 facts about me;
1. like doing adventures, i do not care about consequences, if i need to do something, consequently, I will be responsible about what i have done, either positive or negative results.
2. like having conversation with older people than me in age, and talk about their past experience, because i could see that they are wise, as a cnsequence, i could learn something from them wisdom and history alike.
3. I do not like going over discussion which it is useless.
4. I am too sensitive, as i got influnced by other people stories esaily, as live the atmosphere of content while reading it.
5. I always like reading books about crimes and how it ends up. Furthermore, books about sales and marketing strategies, as I worked in sales field one year ago. But now, I work as an English teacher pertaining to the field which I have taken it at the university. Currently, I have an awesome interactive activities in class with kids, it is so much fun. As I try to avoid mimic while teaching by creating new techniques for making them love English Language. My wish is to travel to Canada to continue up my education in master degree in phontics major.
6. I like watching movies which it touches the reality, as I keep myself away from superstitious movies, because it is so boring!”No benefits”
7. I am sociable, I like making friends from all over the world and knowing more about cultures and traditions of others as well, I do not care about race, gender, and religion, all are same to me and welcomed. But I am too much aware while selecting friends, I usually take time to choose friends. As I study people and take sometime to whom I want to be with. Why?! Because, I experienced different types of mentalities, I thought that they are good at the beginning, but unfortunately, they disappointed me later, truly they look for their best only. So no need for selfish friends. As I believe that “One good friend is better than one hundred useless friends.” It is easy to make hundreds of friends in one day, but it is hard to find one good friend in one day, as a result, making good friends takes time.
8. I am attention to details, I like to go through each single point and doing some deep analysis for it. In case, if do not know anything about it, until, I recognize it.

50 thoughts on “Versatile Award

  1. I do not like going over discussion which it is useless = talking about useless things is useless to your life! 😀
    Good on you, Hussein! Keep it up!

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    1. Yeah, that’s why I go to things which are very important and precious to talk about, as I am thirsty to learn things and exploiting each second of my time, in addition, when I listen or talk about useful things, I enjoy it. Thanks Doni for passing by. You are too kind😊

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    1. Oh my Garfield, thank you so much for your lovely words, you are too kind, and unique one, love what you do in your blog site. All fun and enjoyable things i can find out there, Keep it up, Garfield!🌹

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  2. No superstitious movies? 😞 lol that’s okay! So true that one good friend is better than anything else! If you’ve found a true friend, you’ve been blessed! I love working with kids as well! Great share! 🙂

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  3. Hi! So, being a nominee for the awards myself, I had to nominate people for the One Lovely Blog Award, and the Versatile Blog award (so many nominations!!), so I nominated you 😊 I love your blog.

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  4. ” I like watching movies which it touches the reality, as I keep myself away from superstitious movies, because it is so boring!”No benefits””
    That’s humorous! haha 😛 So true, there is no benefits!
    The type of ‘movies’ wihch I think is useful is documentries – addressing facts – not fictional or unrealistic thoughts from a movie director’s head 😛

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      1. Good on you, Hussein! 😀 We should think rationally, not watching things which won’t benefit us and waste our time 🙂

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      1. I did not get a chance to visit due to our hot conversation over here, will go through it now. Can’t wait to read your posts, it seems so much awesome blog you have. I have request, hope you accept it, If yes I would be so much happy to ask you here

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      2. Not favour in return , I am not gonna ask you about cash Hhhh, why you got shocked lol, just wanted to ask you about your FB address, if possible to reveal here if not, feel free not to type it here,thats it. Because liked your mentality and the way of your thoughts. As I am honored to be one of your friend of FB page. I will be so happy if you typed it for me.

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      3. Oh my God, sorry if I bother you, but your mind looks older than your age, all my respect to you, that’s really amazing that you have a experience about people which you mentioned in previous comments in early age, so smart and wise you are, loved your attitude too much, However, That’s really fine, don’t be panic too much, you see how did it, it is just simple. I understand your situation. Keep it up! 🙂 btw I am Hussein Allam from Jordian of Palestinian origin , nice to meet you, 🙂

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