Pain of the past..

Being addicted to passive things all day like alcohol, heroin, cigarettes, it will not let you heal from the pain of the past, but it destroys health , and it may lead to death surely..As it will not help you forget things for a long time, but it is only for temporary period. So what you get here?! I told you ” it will not”.. you understand!

So, we can’t deny that the past is part of us, as it can’t be seperated. And now because it has become part of us, we have to live with it naturally, as a result, we can not run away from it. So all we have to do is just accept it, and act towards it positively. 

Remember, there are a lot of people had passed away due to overdose of heroin. as a result, they have left their kids behind, as a a consequence, there is no one taking care of them now. in other words, you did not tackle it, but you make it worse. In addition, your children are being oppressed by others constantly, And your wife is unable to do everything alone, she needs someone to support her, but she could not find. 

Also, remember that your children need you, be the best father for them, make them happy, as you should not turn their life into hell because of something unworthy. Notifying you that past already died and was buried in its age. Why you need to bury your present by your past?! 

As, it’s already done, past is past, present is present, and future is future. So life will go on. 

For now, I don’t know what they think these kind of people who get addicted to drugs that this the best way to sort things out?!! 

Keep it in mind….


18 thoughts on “Pain of the past..

  1. They are into drugs just to help them forget it. But, unfortunately, alcohol, drugs are temporary antidepressants. Because its temporary, they will continue use it and their health suffer for it.
    The past is the past. Nothing, anyone can do about it. Let’s not allow our past hunt us. Let’s learn from.
    Great blog Hussein!

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  2. Important message you wrote here, Hussein Allam!

    Dapo made a good point above. Drugs and alcohol are only temporary forms of “relief”. In the end they destroy you. I, myself, experienced how alcohol eventually did me more harm than good. It was a hell of a thing to get off, that sly kind of two-faced self-medication, but once I stopped for a long time and finally got hold of my situation I was much better for it. Now I don’t ever want to get drunk again. It even scares me.

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    1. That’s great you share your comment which it talks about your experience, it is really alcoholic drinks increase palpitations and stress as well as anxiety plus worries. Well done for taking it off, lovely comment, up down flight! πŸ™‚πŸŒΉ

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