Life’s stations

Life’s stages are like stations. Before you go to next station, try to clear everything. So, stations are built altogether to make us reach a purpose to where we intended to go. 

However, If we follow our steps properly, and we know what are doing and where we are going to , we will continue our journey successfully. 

Make sure, to choose the right destination where you want to stop in. 

If you are not ready yet, ok! Wait for the next train when it comes for picking you up to next stations. 


7 thoughts on “Life’s stations

  1. Life is a chain of stations…some stations we choose ..but others we r obliged to stop at…may be because something wrong has happened to the train.
    Nice post.

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    1. Very sensible point, we usually feel that we have to stop in station for span short or long period of time, until we fix things out and then we judge to move on for the next station, and some adventurous habits, it could ever change our lives by relying on for better transitions, life goes like that. Thank you sohair for the great comment 😊 have a beautiful friday👍

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